Popular Memes That Have Won Our Hearts

Life is a competition – a daring adventure, and success usually comes to those who are ambitious. Ambition is a deep desire for achievement, and is propelled by an internal drive to fulfill one’s dreams. “Nothing can stop a man with the right mental attitude for achieving his goals; nothing […]

You may have a fresh start at any moment you choose, for this thing we call failure is not the falling down but the staying down. ~ Mary Pickford When I first read Joshua Cooper Ramo’s book, The Age of the Unthinkable, I wondered how it all fit together. It […]

Do you sometimes feel that you are alone in your pursuit of business and personal success? How do you attract others to help you on your path to work and personal success? The Pushy for a Moment attitude discovers what works. Venture into the world and allow reality to support […]

Someone broke your heart and you are suffering now. Your life seems unfulfilled and hopeless. You may be stuck in inertia and you are waiting for him to come back to say sorry and take your pain away. You feel so small and so shattered now and you are waiting […]

A lot of trainers have aspirations to become professional speakers and are often misled into thinking that because both activities involve speaking to a group of people they are all basically the same activity. The truth is that there are probably more differences than similarities between training and speaking. The […]

How can you tell that you are dealing with a difficult Calamity Chicken Little? Their entire philosophy of life is built on the belief that the sky is falling, the sky is falling. Listen to their language. Chicken Little often says, “That won’t work.” If you protest, “How do you […]

Introduction A foreword is an essential marketing tool for your non-fiction book. If it is written properly, and with some understanding and forethought about its role in your book’s success, it can have a substantial impact on your book sales. And, of course, there are several ingredients that should be […]

One common characteristic of every successful entrepreneur is curiosity. You ideal customer is already looking for what your offer and willing to pay for it. Not only is your ideal customer ready to buy but willing to tell others about what they found. To FIND that ideal customer, be curious […]

“Good to Great” is a best-selling book written by business guru, Jim Collins. He summarizes the research compiled by his team of twenty people who spent five years studying 11 companies that posted exceptional results over a fifteen year period. These companies achieved exceptional growth rates and stock performance. The […]

Leaders do nothing more important than get results. But you can’t get results by yourself. You need others to help you do it. And the best way to have other people get results is not by ordering them but motivating them. Yet many leaders fail to motivate people to achieve […]