15 Inspirational Quotes About Overcoming Obstacles

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Life can throw you some hurdles, often times, unexpectedly. When tragicy strikes we all need to look inwardly for inspiration and strength. We all come equipped with the necessary fortitude to not only overcome obstacles, but to in fact, thrive through them. It all depends on having the right disposition and the pliability to conquer the worst moments of our lives. Once you frame your mind accordingly, you will harness your true potential, develop wisdom and sustain longstanding motivation for a victorious life.

1. Obstacles are opportunities for the Creator of the universe to reassert his divinity.

Regardless of what you believe in, we all have some conscious or subconscious inkling of a master plan. That master plan does not include your indefinite suffering. Life and all its effects are beautiful. It reflects its Creator. Think of all the creatures, the earth and the universe in all their glory. They were created to shine. It only follows that you were created for the same or even greater heights.

2. You are a required ingredient to your success, keep climbing over the hurdles.

The foundational ingredient to your success is you. You can not overcome what you will not confront. Instead of averting hurdles, walk towards them on purpose, with a purpose knowing that you hold the key to your success.

3. When you flip a coin, your chances of winning increases dramatically. Similarly, when you flip the page of life, you will eventually find greener pastures.

The book only gets better if you turn the page. You may not know what will ensue next, but you are only certain not to find out if you remain idle. Your next breakthrough is only one move away. For some, it is a simple move. For others, it may be a little more complicated. At the very least, trust and believe that on the other side of the obstacle you face lies an opportunity for a better day.

4. In order to get to the best, often times we have to end the worse.

Gold is refined through fire. Even diamonds which are considered the world’;s greatest symbol of beauty and excellence must be purified. Hard times may be hurtful but they do not have to be harmful. They bring about the best fruit: your unique story of triumph forged through the bonds of affliction.

5. It’;s the things that hamper us that drive us to success.

All of the people that are now considered "great" have experienced setbacks and failures in one form or another. From Frida Kahlo to Abraham Lincoln success was earned although repeated attempts to rise above obstacles. Their ultimate successes were not garnered in spite of the challenges that they faced. It was instead ushered because of them.

6. All of life’;s battles are won in the mind first.

If you can see the victory, you have already won. Visualization can be an important tool, especially when you are facing hardships. Now is the time to create that vision board for all the positive things that you want to happen. Plan and live for the victory that lies ahead.

7. Our character for excellence is evidenced by decisions to avow, stand up for and doing what is right in spite of the difficulties we face.

When the light is off, we do not all see the same thing. However, we can all agree that the absence of light creates darkness. Dark times present opportunities to highlight who we are at our core. Do not miss the chance to showcase your true self.

8. Our true character is disclosed in contrastory and difficult circumstances. Then, our humanity, frailty and courage come to surface.

Adversity is a mirror that reflects the best or the worse of us. The decision to acquiesce to the pressures you face sends a ripple effect regarding our fragility while our disposition to circumvent them strengthens our resolve.

9. Have Faith! Things will work out, they always do, the key is to endure.

When running a race, it is not always about how you start. It is how you finish. This does not necessarily mean that you have to finish first. You just have to finish. If you think back to all the things that you have been through, you will realize that, absolutely you managed to survive. This should be no different.

10. Do not give up or give in. Give more, push harder and get more.

Similar to birthing a baby, you have to keep pushing until it’;s over and not a minute sooner. Breathe and push. Repeat until it’;s done. The more you push the faster it will end.

11. Rising above the fray requires us to silence our unproductive whispers.

Do not allow negativity in your storehouse. Instead fill it with hope, joy, peace and love. Meditate on good and positive things. Set your mind on things that are higher and greater than your present circumstances.

12. Intense opposition is a sign that you are on the right track. Stay the course!

The greater the challenge, the greater the opportunity for growth. Do not be intimidated by the challenges you face. Instead, let them instill in you a sense of motivation. Trust and believe that you would not be presented with an obstacle that is insurmountable.

13. A Shepherd protects his flock to no end, through trials and tribulations guard your heart because that is what reinvigorates you through the battles of life.

It is a heart centered battle. The heart regulates the mind. Do not be fooled by all the external circumstances. It is the heart that counts. Regardless of what you face, you will not win if your heart is not in it. Get your heart in the game.

14. When you think you have no fight left, think of someone else.

Although an adverse event may be experienced on an individual level, it’;s not always about us. Sometimes the point of the challenges we face is for someone else’;s benefit. There is a purpose behind all of it.

15. Adversity: face it onward and forward, there is no falling backwards.

Every step you take should be considered a step towards the not-so-distant victory. That means onward and only onward we march.