20 Keys to Succeed at Anything

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Regardless of your age or background, now is the time to realize all that you are truly capable of having, doing, and being in this world. Are you struggling with stress, anxiety, or depression? Do you find yourself drowning in debt, physically challenged, or suffering in some other way? Don’t despair. Follow these 20 time-tested keys to succeed at anything and dramatically improve the quality of your life.

Let go of the past

Nothing that has happened before this moment can keep you from becoming successful, unless you allow it. The past does not equal the future. Let the past be your counselor, not your jailor.

Take inventory of what you have

Take inventory of your financial resources, tangible assets, skills & abilities, people to support you, and all other resources at your disposal. You may be surprised at how much you have to start building your dream. Recognizing how much you have will help boost your confidence that you have what it takes to get started.

Be thankful

Your focus and attention given to the people, things, and circumstances for which you can be grateful will undoubtedly make you happier and more fulfilled. Success demands a positive attitude. It’s impossible to be thankful and negative at the same time. Staying appreciative of what you have is essential to staying positive and doing your best.

Take responsibility

Stop blaming anyone or anything for what isn’t right in your life. You are responsible for how you perceive and react to every situation, event, and person you encounter. So, you and only you are responsible for what you experience.

Dream big and go for it

Continually remind yourself that you are only here once. Ask yourself what you would set out to do if you knew you could not fail. Remove all limitations from your thinking and dare yourself to aspire to the wonderful and exciting dreams that will be your new life’s pursuits.

Change your limiting beliefs

Expand your beliefs in what you can have, do, and be. The only way to achieve great success is to start believing that you are capable of far more than you have believed in the past.

Commit to change

You must accept that before your situation will change, you must change. Before your life will improve, you must improve. Before you can become more successful in any area, you must change what you think about, change your old self-defeating beliefs and change what you are doing. Don’t just think about changing, commit to it!

Set and pursue inspiring goals

There are goals and there are inspiring goals. Your most successful future depends on setting and pursuing goals that truly inspire and excite you. You will soon tire of small goals. Set goals that create an emotional charge in you – goals that are greater than anything you ever before imagined achieving.

Develop your vision

Create a clear picture in your mind of what you want. Practice envisioning the prosperous life you desire. Envisioning means using and exercising your imagination. As you practice imagining what you want and developing a clear vision, you are taking an important step toward your greatest success.

Think, feel, and accept what you want

Thinking about what you want is the beginning. Then you must feel strongly that it can be yours. Ultimately, develop fierce conviction that you will have, do, or be it. Only then will it become a reality for you. Think about it, feel wonderful about it, and accept that it is coming to you. Then act on your belief, and it will manifest in your life.

Motivate yourself

No teacher, coach, or spiritual guide can be with you at every moment, constantly motivating you. You must learn to motivate yourself. Write down or record inspiring thoughts, quotes, and statements that resonate with you. Keep them handy and repeat them to yourself throughout each day. For everything you want, ask and answer “Why do I want this?” The answer to “why” is your true motivation. Ask and answer it often.

Research, create, and follow your plan

A complete and sequentially logical series of steps makes any project so much easier, less expensive, and more enjoyable than jumping in without a carefully thought out plan. Devote a reasonable amount of time to developing your plan and then follow it step-by-step to its completion.

Focus on the moment

Spending excessive time contemplating the past or the future does not serve you. Learn from your past experiences and have a clear vision of what your future will be, but spend the majority of your time focused on what you are doing right now, at this moment.

Take meaningful action

More than any other attribute, your success depends on what you do. It’s not what you say, or what you intend to do, but what you actually do that counts. Those that get what they want and whose dreams come true don’t wait passively for a miracle or for someone else to tell them what to do. They take action. They make things happen.

Use time wisely

Get the most out of every hour of the day by continually asking yourself, “What is the most important use of my time right now?” Answer the question to the best of your ability and then focus single-mindedly on that task until it is completed.

Eliminate failure by evaluating and adjusting your approach

There are no failures, only outcomes that were not what you intended. You never fail as long as you continually evaluate the results of your actions and make adjustments to your approach until you get the desired result.

Practice self-discipline

As you think, envision, affirm, believe, plan, and take action, make self-discipline a guiding and penetrating force in your life. Remember, consistent, incremental steps are easier and create longer lasting results than short spurts of greater effort.

Commit to constant improvement

Never stop learning, growing, and reaching for more. Know that to become satisfied is to stop growing. Approach each day knowing that you can become better than you were yesterday. As long as you are constantly improving, depression, despair, and poverty cannot survive.

Have faith

There are powers at work that we do not fully understand. There is no power known to humanity that can replace the power of faith. You will accomplish far more working with the power of faith than without it. Faith is a gift you give yourself that will help you through any hardship.

Never give up

Success cannot be avoided as long as you continue to work until you reach your goal. The only possible way to fall short of achieving your full potential is to stop trying. Quitting is simply not an option.