3 Sure Fire Motivation Tips to Help You Succeed!

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If you do not know this by now, let me tell you this. As far as fitness is concerned, motivation is critical to get you off your back and into "go" mode. Today I am going to share some of my personal sources of motivation and hopefully you guys can use them to help you reach your goals.

The first source of motivation is PEOPLE. If you do not have positive, like-minded, successful and supportive friends and family members then you need to FIND some. Being surrounded by this type of energy from people is magnetic! It’;s a proven fact that you will be a more positive and successful person if that’;s the kind of people you hang around.

If you do not have this type of support group and you are around negative, and pessimistic people, you need to eliminate them from your life. Stop talking to them and stop befriending them … they are a waste of your time and will only bring you down. This can be a little challenging if you have a family member who is always negative, but you need to stand your ground and lay it to them. Tell them that if you can not have their support then there is no need for you two to talk.

Doing this ONE thing will have a HUGE impact on your life. I can put money on it!

My second source is, believe it or not … TV. OK first things first, I really do not watch much TV because 90% of the time I believe it’;s a useless waste of time. But … I DO watch documentaries on successful people and how they got to the top. So watch documentaries and other programs where you can LEARN from these folks. Imitating winners can only be a GOOD thing.

Another part of TV I like is movies … good movies. There are a bunch of movies that seriously get me motivated every time I watch them. So find movies really touch your core and have a big impact on you every time you watch them. I mean, how can you not be motivated after watching a movie like Fight Club?

My third source of motivation is Fear. This one is big because fear can be one of the most important drivers to success. Now I am NOT talking about the fear of failure … every successful person has failed over and over again, but they succeed because they never quit. The fear I am talking about is the fear of death.

Now, before some of you start saying "oh Im not afraid to die … psh!" hear me out. Look, I am not afraid of death either, its a part of life and will ever get us all, but what I AM afraid of, is having a life without purpose.

Think about it, if you were to die today, would you die happy and fulfilled? Or would you regret NOT doing the things you should have and could have done? THIS is what I am afraid of … I’;m afraid of dying before I accomplish things which are important to me.

I have a little question written on the white board in my room. In big red letters it reads: "Do I want a lame life?"

I see this question every time I wake up in the morning and it totally gets me going. So from today onwards, if you are about to put off doing something you always wanted to do, just ask your self … "Do I want a lame life?"

For your sake, I hope you do not. Here’;s to success and a bright future …


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