3 Up-And-Coming Business Areas That Document Scanning Has Helped

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To many document scanning is seen as a way to digitize personal documents and files in order to make them accessible into the future when physical copies, such as photographs, wills and other important files, may be destroyed or lost. However there is absolutely no reason why this process can not be used towards a business environment with the insight to improve processes and just make life easier. In this article we cover 3 major sectors that are consistently gaining in popularity that document scanning within business has helped.

Document scanning helps a wide variety of sectors and business types and has been for a few years now. Thanks to document scanning companies, becoming digital has become much more of a reality for businesses big and small. The following three examples are all examples of the flexibility that document scanning offers and shows exactly how it is a service that can be used for all businesses coming from a number of different sectors.

1. eBook publishing.

With the exception of books that have been published relatively recently, eBook publishing would be now without document scanning. Many books which are brought back into print again and again do not have an original digital copy and that’;s when a document scanning service is required in order to create a digital copy. The book is taken and can either be taken apart for easier and more accurate scanning, or left in it’;s original state, depending on the rarity of the book. Once the books are scanned, images are made from the scanning, which then needs to be converted into a document that is searchable by text from a computer. The whole point of the eBook itself is that it is just as accessible as a paper-based book, if not more so. The idea is that the book scan be searched, highlighted and can also have bookmarks added at particular areas. That’;s where OCR comes in. OCR, or optical character recognition, makes digital, text searchable books possible and without it a scanned image would be just that; an image. Document scanning companies typically use highly accurate OCR software which is made to be as accurate as it can potentially be in the production of the eBook.

The likes of the iPad and particularly the Amazon Kindle have made the eBook format incredibly popular and authors are republishing their books to take advantage of the demand this is creating. Over 5 million Kindle’;s have been sold in the last year and that number is looking to rise vastly in the next 12 months. Amazon has said that it would like to have every book available digitally one day and this simply would not be possible without document scanning.

2. The Paperless Office

Many of you may have heard about the concept of the paperless office and scoffed. It’;s true, an office can never be really paperless, but it does not needily need to be. These days we produce documents based on Microsoft Word and other word processors which are then simply emailed or saved for the use of others, but if not for document scanning the paperless office would look like a concept that is even further away. Companies that offer document scanning services typically use document scanners which can scan thousands of files per day, therefore making it highly plausible that a paperless workflow can be achievable. Once the physical documents are scanned, they are usually indexed with relevant data making them easy to find on any computer system. Files are typically indexed by reference numbers or client names and are found exceptionally quickly when compared to searching through a paper system based around cabinets and drawers which are also easy to get messed up and out of place. The whole concept of the paperless office is not merely to create an easier to work within environment which can build efficiency, but also a place that is environmentally conscious without the need for paper and printer ink in constant use. The paperless office is a concept that has been talked about, hyped up and dismissed for years but it’;s finally appearing to be an easier to swallow reality thanks, in part at least, to the advances in technology and document scanning services.

3. Data Capture and Entry

For many companies, learning more about their clients and their behaviors, tastes, thoughts and feelings is an essential part of offering a great service and one that they will want to use again and again. In modern times, this type of research is more important than ever and surveys are still used on a regular basis in order to find out more about consumers in a constantly evolving world. But once thousands of customer surveys and questions are filled out, they can be hard to go through and extract the results from in an orderly and efficient way and that’;s where document scanning comes in.

Companies send the completed surveys to document scanning companies in order to scan and extract the data of thousands of documents in order for the results to be easier to digest and work with. Document scanning companies, once the surveys are scanned, will take the scanned images and extract the data using intelligent software that can read text, checkboxes and other areas that have been filled out. The data is then compiled and put into a manageable spreadsheet which is available for the company to assess and look at the findings in an orderly manner. This becomes an invaluable service to many companies and one that is used on a regular basis on customer research.