4 Good Tips For Weight Loss To Help Keep You Motivated When The Going Gets Tough

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Here are 4 good tips for weight loss.

It goes without saying that in order to lose weight we need to eat fewer calories than our body burns in energy. If we can compliment that with some extra exercise then we’;re going to burn more calories and lose weight much faster.

The science is very simple, but the big problem all diets and people wishing to lose weight faces is motivation.

When we first begin to diet we have bags of motivation and nothing can tempt us away from our mission to eat less and do more exercise.

Most people start to hit the wall with this and struggle after around four weeks. Suddenly the odd crack begins to appear in our willpower and it does not take long before some of those bad habits begin to creep back in. A little like a smoker trying to quit smoking.

What really hurts with a weight loss diet is that for some reason it appears that these small lapses in willpower seem to have an unfair and unbalanced effect on our weight loss plan.

We know that we have cheated and when we step on the scales we expect a miracle to occur and for us to have lost weight but of course the scales do not lie and hit us like a sledgehammer!

It is very easy to then lose that weight loss motivation and just give up.

What we have to try to do is anticipate these moments and develop a positive attitude to combat and hitch and keep us focused on our weight loss plan.

These are the 4 good weight loss tips that will help you through:

1) Weight yourself each week on the same scales, in the same clothes at the same time of day.
2) Use a tape measure to measure yourself each week and keep a record. Often inches can reduce even when the scales do not move.
3) Create an exercise planner and write do not any activities that you have done every day – even if it’;s only walking up and down the stairs between adverts on TV. Every activity counts in a weight loss plan.
4) Keep and old skirt or pair of trousers so that you can monitor your physical progress as well as your weight loss. Keep a note pad near and write down the date and any notes, ie Could fit fingers down the waistband …

The more you can remind yourself about how great it feels then the more chance you have with your weight loss plan.