4 Ways to Get Motivated and Achieve Your Goals

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As defined by the dictionary: Motivation is the psychological feature that arises an organism to action towards a desired goal and ericits, controls, and sustains certain goal directed behaviors.

That’;s a mouthful is not it? I like to define motivation simply as whatever gets you going towards something you want. Simple enough? The definition is simple, however when you are experience a LACK of motivation it is far from simple. I struggled with a lack of motivation for years until I figured out the psychological and physiological factors that were holding me back from achieving my goals.

1. Psychological Factors

  • Are you letting the past failures keep you from going forward or taking a chance?
  • If so than remember failure of any kind (relationships, money, carrier) is essential for success. The greatest people who have ever walked this earth have failed more times than we can count. Remember Thomas Edison, Gandhi, Charles Schultz, Abraham Lincoln or the countless millionaires in this world. They did not give up and neither should you!

2. What do You think?

Are you paying attention to what you think about? Do you tend to focus on more negative than positive and do you take time to appreciate what you have. Would it shock you to know that successful people are most appreciative of the things you already have, like family, love, a home, food and the ability to see a sunset each day.

  • What you say to yourself is so important to your daily motivation . Your brain is like a computer. It will run whatever program you download even if those programs are harmful. It’;s simple; trash in equals trash out. You simply can not be motivated to conquer the world if inside you are telling yourself you’;re a failure and you have nothing. There are plenty things you have and an abundant amount of resources you need to be appreciative each day. Just concentrate on what you have down to the smallest thing like breathing fresh air or the gift of sight.

3. Physiological or health factors

  • Is your diet one that supports energy and peak performance?
  • You know what you should be eating and not eating. You know salads and more vegetables help and candy, smoking, drinking and junk food only bring you down. Do the research on a healthy diet and change your diet to reflect the peak performer you wish to be.

4. Take natural energy enhancers

  • See a doctor first, however there are all sorts of vitamins such as B-12 and B-6 you can take that natural and will give you the extra boost you need without all the caffeine and other synthetic stimulants in energy drinks and such. Also if you’;re looking research green drinks such as wheatgrass. It takes some getting used to but is very healthy and long lasting energy drink.

These are just two suggestions or starting points you might take into consideration if you’;re experiencing a lack of motivation. Of course absolutely the decision is up to you. No one will force you to conquer your dreams. That is your and yours alone. Your destiny is shaped with every decision and every thought you act or do not act on. Human potential is greater than any tool could measure. What will you do with your potential and when will you get off your butt and do it?