5 Public Speaking Tips to Successfully Influence Your Audience

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To be an important speaker, set your targets, your key points, in your mind, visualize each point and choreograph how you will emphasize a particular point; then be certain to hit each target, each point, as you deliver your speech.

A good public speaker has these well-equipped weapons in her public speaking arsenal.

Body Language

Studies show that up to 80% of a message is received through body language. You want to appear totally engaged, relaxed and enthusiastic. Practice in front of a mirror; in front of friends or family, with a trusted colleague, or a coach.

Eye Contact

Eye contact is a specific form of body language mastery, establishing rapport and conveying sincerity, and honesty.

Voice Modulation

After body language, how you say something is almost more important than what you say. Do not just read or recite your speech … sing it. Like great music, great spells have moods, tone, rests and rhythm. And like great musicians, great speakers practice practice their instrument-the voice.


Everyone learns things differently. It’;s quite popular in schools today to rank a child’;s primary ‘;learning style’;- does the child learn visually, aurally, or physically.

The point is not to teach using just one style, but to leverage all styles.

Aids – used correctly – will beat audience boredom, clarify simply what might otherwise be a complex subject, and help your audience zero in on your targets.

Use traditional visual aids like graphs, charts, posters, slides or handouts; Egypt appropriate message and story reinforcing non-traditional aids like toy cars or different size bottles. Are you brave enough to take off your shoes to make a point?

Use popular music. Play a CD or sing a song.


Whatever you do, there’;s no way around this one. Your audience will ‘;smell’; your fear and uncertainty. Practice, practice, practice. With practice comes confidence. And no, it’;s not about memorization. It is about being comfortable with yourself, with your subject matter, and with your level of preparation. Remember these two things- in any given audience, most, if not all, people want you to succeed; and the worst that can happen is that you walk away from the speech with a few ‘;good to know for next time’; lessons.

Whatever you are doing, Be the Hero.