5 Tips On How To Get Motivated To Practice

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I enjoy going out and practicing my sport. My sport is archery and it’;s great because anyone can try it. Being really good is something very different. Spending time practicing is not usually a fun experience and lots of other athletes try to skip practicing and just hope that they will do great in the game.

What about all of the periods of which you’;re not really feeling just like accomplishing anything at all for a few months? Getting past those times where you’;re not motivated can be tough and challenging.

Everyone experiences those feelings and they can do it and so can you.

Tip 1

I do not think of practice as practice. Practice almost always has a negative feeling with it. When you do not like something and think negatively about it, your less and less likely to do it.

My focus is on the experience and how it makes me feel. I go practice my sport because I enjoy shooting a bow. I do my best to forget about all the other things and just practice my sport because I enjoy it and the way it makes me feel after I am finished.

I try to prevent any negative ideas and feelings before they get a chance to be distracting.

Tip 2

I change the length of time that I am practicing. Routines can help you build up, but they can also bring you down. I change the length of time that I practice my sport so that some days I practice for a few hours and other days I practice for only 30 minutes.

The quality of my practice is the most important and the amount of time that you practice is secondary.

Tip 3

Use the positive power of other people to help you stay motivated and enjoy practicing. I joined a club and met several others who were much better than me. They were very helpful and taught me more than I could have learned on my own.

You’;ll feel like you are spending time with friends and having fun. It is much easier to spend time doing something when you are having fun and talking with friends.

Tip 4

Use the power of incentives to reward yourself for doing the right thing. You will work harder to earn a fun treat than you will for nothing. The incentive can be anything, as long as it works for you.

Make sure to use an appropriate incentive. Use an incentive that you like and you want to get multiple times. Do not use something that will make you feel bad, do worse in your sport, or that you can not get more than once.

Tip 5

Try several different things. Not everything will work to motivate you and one thing will not work all the time. If you want to stay motivated, then you will have to make sure and use multiple methods of motivation.

You can start with one thing and then add in more and more methods to get motivated. When you are using several things to get motivated, you are more likely to stay motivated.

Everyone has their days that they do not feel good or motivated. That is okay, because everyone has experienced that. You have to focus on the good things and the goals that you want to achieve and then get started again.