A Brief Review of Enterprise Learning Providers

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Enterprise training is basic to any business wanting to succeed and obtain industry recognition. New Horizons, Global Knowledge and Saba are the leading learning providers. The benefits of attending an online training course include gaining knowledge in specific areas of networking or business management.

New Horizons has been around for over 20 years helping organizations and individuals regardless of desired results in both personal and professional fields. New Horizons Learning Center offers to businesses the opportunity to increase productivity and efficiency, providing online training.

The appropriate learning helps drive revenue and reduce operational costs with the company. In addition, the individuals can increase personal motivation while boosting their confidence. New horizons computer learning also reiterates business strategies and processes.

Global Knowledge, founded in 1995, has a different approach of the learning process, providing OnDemand Software, with more than 700 different courses with the same goal, to increase businesses productivity, providing adequate training to technicians and employees, generating self-confidence and elevating their motivation while improving their skills.

Training courses provided by Global Knowledge include Microsoft, Oracle, Nortel Networks, Cisco, and Red Hat certification courses, including Internet networking, telephony, security, project management, and many others. Courses range from IT and Management Training, to specialized enterprise solutions and the poplar OnDemand software.

Delivered in classrooms, at private facilities, or over the Internet, both New Horizons and Global Knowledge have provided cost effective training to restructured companies, organizations and government agencies. New horizons learning center offers what they call a comprehensive learning experience.

New Horizons has gathered learning modalities into their Web-based portal, integrating classroom instruction with extensive online supplementary learning resources, to help students develop their full potential. Global Knowledge, on the other hand, implements easier OnDemand Software, which has received broad acceptance, and increased accuracy using enterprise applications.

Computer training and certificates offered through New Horizons Computer Learning Center performance and productivity in the work place, while improving skills and efficiency just by learning how to solve technological issues, and obtaining advanced technical skills through hands-on, real world experience.

These courses are also required to earn certification programs as IT Professional, Developer, Applications and Professional Skills, as well as in the Health Area and other disciplines, that Global Knowledge and New Horizons manage independently.

The Association of Learning Providers (ALP) is an organization with the purpose to influence education, securing a national skills strategy that meets the needs of employers and learners, so you can contact them to learn about this and other Enterprise Learning Providers.