Angels of Grace, the Telling of Ones Own Story

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An autobiography, the telling of one’;s own story, is it important, why do we do it, does it mean anything to one self or another.

There are many Autobiographies out there, from high profile movie stars, sports people, historical figures and the like. Testaments to the human spirit, some inspirational, some financial, some looking at courage and faith.

Upon my research I found three 3 common key factors, the human spirit has a strength that can be inspirational to many.

Robin McGraw, Inside my Heart, A true testament to an inspirational woman, who learnt to make choices at a young age and utilized this skill and knowledge to share with others. What a gift.

Gary Zukav, Soul Stories, stories of the human spirit, faith, courage, and belief in one self again the human spirit has strength than can be inspirational to another.

Dave Pelfzer, Help Yourself, This amazing journey of a man and his life experience, to see what he has achieved and become one of the most inspirational stories on the human spirit and how it has more strength than imaginable.

We learn, gain strength from another. There is old saying another’;s weakness is someone’;s strength.

I found we do need to see inspiration.

We do need to feel inspiration.

Also we do need to touch inspiration, within one self, to look within to find that inner voice, always listening to it and following it. It will guide us far.

What a gift it is to share your story with another to gain them the strength that they may need from your inspiration.