Article Marketers and Their Success in Self-Help Topic Venues

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Perhaps if you are an article marketer or article writer you may have noticed that articles which are about inspirational, motivational or strength of character topics seem to pull very well with the number of click thrus. Why is this perhaps you have asked yourself? Indeed as a prolific writer I too have asked myself why this is.

On some of the top online article submission sites I have found that they have more Self Help motivational Ezine types and super industry sub-sector niche consultants who really are super positive people that pick up articles often. And well, I just suspect they really like those positive articles on things like success, motivation and inspiration for their online newsletters.

Indeed just judging by the personalities of some of the top online article submission website entrepreneurs, I kind of get that from them they are highly motivated and inspirational characters too. In fact I assume that their entire staff is like that with the same inspirational attitude that is. Perhaps this is why they have attracted such a great group of people, vendors and even authors over the years?

Now then could this be because when online article authors post inspirational, motivational and success based articles that more Ezine Publishers pick them up from the syndication and do they so well on the Internet? Consider this in 2006.