Do you ever wonder how to sing high notes like famous singers can do? Have you ever wanted to sing like them? Keep reading and you will discover some important facts about singing high notes. The good news is that everyone can learn to sing high notes. Actually, singing high […]

Melodic ear training is the skill of listening to a musical line and recognizing the relationship of the notes to the tonal center, the key that the song is in. Does this sound like magic? We’;re going to cover the core of ear training in the next few minutes. After […]

Committing to a change in your life is not the only difficult part. It is also difficult to sustain the change, to integrate it into your life. Along the way, you will encounter obstacles, disappointments, doubts and even failures. It can be hard to not get discouraged and give up. […]

This is a simple yet question for a guitar teacher to answer. Chords are named based on the 12 chromatic scale notes so they should be 12 chords right, or is it? Because every chords can also be a major, minor, dominant 7th, minor 7th, diminished, augmented, and there’;s the […]

Often I am asked, "What do you think is the earliest age at which a child may begin to study the piano?" My response is that no age is too early to begin piano lessons. I say the earlier the better! Many cultures begin at the age of 3 or […]

Out of the corner of my eye as I was driving 60 miles per hour down the road, I happened to see a sign at a yard sale that appeared to "speak" especially to me. The sign said: "Resume Speed." It was a simple sign that many people may not […]

Goals sound like an awesome idea because they make us feel great thinking about achieving them. So why do so many people fall short of reaching them? The problem is that most of us only connect our excitation to crossing the finish line. We forget to fill our whole goal […]