Baseball Bedding Swings Into Spring

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Baseball is the great American pastime, inspiring young boys to join t-ball and dream of playing in the major league. One way parents can help to incorporate this passion into their children’s lives is to redecorate their rooms with a baseball theme. There are a variety of baseball related products available, so kids can choose the one that best applies to their lives, whether it is a favorite team, position, or the sport in general. Parents interested in creating a baseball room theme for their son should consider the specific theme, space, colors, and decorative aspects before getting started.

The theme within the baseball category is important to the amount of enjoyment a boy will get out of his new room. He won’t be happy to see a St. Louis Cardinals themed room if his favorite team is the Chicago Cubs. This type of mistake won’t happen if parents are involved in their children’s lives and interests, but it’s always better to be safe than sorry. Talk to your son and get his opinion about what he would most like to have in his room. He might surprise you by knowing a favorite player or just wanting to use the baseball theme in general without incorporating a specific team. Whatever he favors should be your ultimate goal. After all, it is his room!

After you know what your son wants in his baseball themed room, you need to consider the space that you are working with. If you’re working with a small, apartment room some pieces of furniture will not fit. If you live in a large house with spacious rooms you will be able to fit in much more baseball décor. Before purchasing furniture or any decorative elements it is smart to draw out a plan for the room. Plot out how much space a bed and other furniture will need and arrange it in a way that leaves ample space and wall, window, and door consideration. Buying extra furniture won’t help if it has to block the door to fit in the room.

This is the part of the process in which you should start to imagine the pieces you will use to decorate. These elements can affect the layout of the room. If you plan to use several posters or pieces of wall are you should place furniture in a way that allows the most wall space. If you want to include floor pieces such as stools, desks, lamps, and more than you will want to choose a layout that leaves the most open floor space. Once you have established a vision, you are ready to start shopping and working on the room.

The first purchase to make is the paint, wallpaper, or boarders you will use. This is something that you must evaluate on a long-term basis. Think about how long your son will likely want a baseball room and whether or not you will replace the wallpaper within a few years. For color schemes consider light variations of the team colors he has selected. That way the scheme will apply to his baseball theme as well as transition into another design when he outgrows his childhood room. The colors that you choose to employ most should be neutral.

Save the bright red, gold, and yellow for accent pieces. Too many loud colors can take the relaxation element out of a bedroom and reduce the amount of sleep your son gets. Pillows and lamps are good elements for which to use accent colors.

After you have selected a theme, designed a space, and painted the room it is time to purchase furniture and décor. If you are upgrading your son’s furniture always remember to plan for the future. Eventually he will get taller and outgrow a child-sized bed. It would be economically wise, therefore, to purchase a bed that he can grow into. If you are not shopping for furniture you can instead focus on the bedding, curtains, and decorative aspects. Baseball bedding comes in many designs. There are options for teams, baseballs, batters, and general sports themes. This is where your son’s preferences come into consideration. If he favors a team he will want to display it proudly on his bed. If he is a general sports enthusiast he will likely want a simple baseball pattern.

The curtains and other accents you select should be in the team’s complimentary colors. Baseball themed room décor offers a variety of wall art options. You can choose ballpark images, motivational posters, or player photographs. Bring your little slugger to the store to choose what he likes best.

Once you have made your purchases take them home and set up the room of your son’s dreams. The baseball bedding and room theme will keep him entertained and inspired as long as his love of baseball persists.