Business Motivational Speaker Talks on Goals and Responsibility

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When we really decide to follow through with our goals, we gain a responsibility that is very rare to say the least.

This is the responsibility to hold what people call failure as an understanding, a teacher, and an opportunity to get even closer to the goals we deemed worthy of our dreams.

If you’;re like me, it’;s easy for you to claim your successes. I mean, who does not want to stand up and say yes, I did that, and I did an excellent job at it too!

But there is an ebb and flow to life in a way that gives us a hidden value out of holding the ownership of what we may consider our failures.

Most of us have been trained by our environment to blame outside influences when something goes wrong. It’;s almost as if we feel that if we accept and own up to something that did not need to go as planned, we are somehow flawed.

What we are really doing in this case is equating an action or a response to equal our own worth, when "we" and our "actions" are distinctly different.

In separating our self image from our action (while continuing to understand that our goals are ours) we completely accept ours as worthy to receive them.

When we move toward our goals with the expectation of our worthiness, we stop chasing our goals and simply meeting them through the process of creation (from action to feedback to action with acceptance).

Stepping back to separate cause and effect from the creator to the degree that we can really act as if our dream is created from a seemingly personal process that allows us to take life’;s response less personally. This makes it easy for us to take feedback or failure without slowing the momentum.

Overtime, by detaching from the old ideas and enjoying the process, we allow our dream to focus. As we focus and just explore what we are doing, we reach what it is we are chasing for.

In fact, I would like to invite you to just simply stop for a moment and consider the word "failure" as something that does not exist for you and your personal or business life.

What if you were to replace that with the word "feedback?" The fact is that the larger your goal, the bigger the probability you will get tons of "feedback" about what you can do to get better results. Asking ourselves to be okay with feedback gives us the highest potential to reach whatever it is we are searching for.

So, be comfortable with the process and know that the faster you can reach "failures" the faster you will reach your success. Remember, the key is trusting the process and evaluating it through self-reflection. Every time you get feedback, you’;re getting the most valuable lesson you could ever need in the present moment.

Knowing that it is your right to live your life on your terms from your highest values, what is the single most important lesson you can take away from any feedback you are getting right now that will help you reach your highest potential even faster

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