Develop a Sense of Urgency

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Visualize Your Completed Tasks

– Program your mind to bypass procrastination by continuously visualizing your tasks as completed.
– Visualize your goals as already completed.
– Feel the emotions that you would feel if the tasks were accomplished.
– Imagine the sense of accomplishment that you will have when the task is completed.
– The more emotion that you associate with the visualizing of these completed tasks, the more focused you will be.
– This clarity will give energy and not only get you started to avoid procrastination but keep you going until your tasks are complete.
– The more viable that you make these pictures, the more energy will be generated. Use this to motivate yourself constructively.
– For example, if you set a monetary goal that you want to achieve in a certain time period, vividly imagine the joy the extra money will provide you with, what you will buy, where you will go, and what you will do, who will you do it with and what joy will you bring to them.
– Every time you visualize your goal with emotion as complete, you increase the probability of achieving your goal. You must SEE it and believe it before you can achieve it.

Practice Positive Affirmations

– Use positive affirmations to program your subconscious mind daily.
– Develop a set of positive affirmations applicable to the tasks at hand.
– Utter these positive affirmations WITH EMOTION daily to program your mind for a sense of urgency.
– You can develop any positive mental habit you desire by repeatedly programming your mind for success.
– By providing clarity with conscious positive affirmations and mental pictures, you can achieve anything.
– Your subconscious mind will begin to accept these conscious positive affirmations as fact and it will drive you towards achieving your goals.
– As soon as you awaken each day, you will be driven to achieving your goals as if you were on auto-pilot and then developing a sense of urgency.

Set Clear Deadlines

– Put a time frame on all important tasks.
– Write it down to make yourself accountable.
– Tell other people about your task deadlines.
– Promising others will spur another set of internal emotions because you will NOT want to let them down.
– This will motivate you to achieve these tasks because the pain of disappointing others will work in your favor.Pain is often the greater motivator versus pleasure.
– Use it to your advantage.Setting clear tasks with specific deadlines develop a sense of urgency in your subconscious mind and will help you avoid procrastination and also see your goals to completion.

Refuse to Make Excuses

– All procrastination seems to be accompanied by rationalization.
– Rationalization gives are subconscious minds an excuse to fail.
– Do not give in to this temptation.
– Realize that it has NO part in the desired outcomes that you have placed upon yourself.
– Do not let yourself off the hook.
– Anyone can come up with excuses as to why they failed.
– Do not even let this enter into conscious mind for it will destroy your subconscious mind and enable you to procrastinate and break down all the positive energy that we have programmed into our subconscious minds.
– Recognize rationalization as negative energy and reprogram your mind with positive affirmations to overcome this obstacle.

Reward Yourself

– Create a reward system for yourself.
– Give yourself a reward for successful completion of each task.
– Make the rewards powerful and desirable.
– You can actually program yourself to feel eager to start a new goal because you wish to attain the powerful and desirable rewards along the way.
– Brian Tracy called this operant conditioning.
– It is a technique used to train both humans and animals.
– Behavior is shaped by designing a specific result or consequence that follows every act of the individual. Rewards tend to reinforce and encourage specific behaviors. Punishments tend to discourage those behaviors. Over time, the habits of the individual can be shaped and her responses made automatic with repeated rewards.
– You develop the habit of overriding procrastination by rewarding yourself every time you do something positive until you rewire and reprogram your subconscious mind permanently.
– When you put a reward system in place you discriminate yourself to focus on the rewards and NOT on the difficulty of the task at hand. In this manner, your attention moves away from the difficulty of the task itself and onto the enjoyment you’;ll get from the reward.
– This will propel you to take action and develop a sense of urgency.

Accept Full Responsibility for Your Results

– Program yourself to bypass procrastination by accepting full responsibility for your results.
– Look inward only to yourself.
– Rely only on your own ability to achieve a task in a timely manner.
– No matter what obstacles emerge on your journey, make sure to make excuses and focus on your own internal resolve to make your goals a reality.
– Accepting complete responsibility for your results, and eliminating the road blocks along the way, is an invigorating sense of accomplishment once the goal is completed.

You will be truly amazed at how much you can accomplish by following these seven steps to develop a sense of urgency in yourself.