Develop A Winning Attitude By Awakening Your Inner BadAss

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Every single time I hear this speech, I get pumped out of my mind. In fact, I set it as my alarm sound so I wake up hearing the words “Who am I?” and then I jump out of bed and start my day by saying “I’m a champion!!!” Is there a better way to start your day?

Some people practice meditation, how about we start practicing motivation? Long time ago I recognized that in order to perform effectively, I needed the right type of fuel. That fuel triggered in me a winning attitude which made me basically unstoppable in school. There was nothing I couldn’t learn or memorize. In the beginning what drove me to bust by butt was seeking praise from my school teachers. If I didn’t get it, I was pissed and hungry. If I got it, it felt so good that I wanted more.

But here’s the challenge. How long can you remain a little kid, totally reliant on others and their opinions, letting others think for you? Some people stay in that mindset all their life. Not me. Once I discovered my life’s purpose, I also recognized that my dreams are so far removed form the expectations of my environment that I could basically forget about any type of encouragement from others. Is that a problem? Not at all. If I don’t stimulated by my environment, it only means that I need to find another way to trigger my winning attitude.

A winning attitude, an Inner BadAss is something that you and I have inside of us. But we also have an Inner Wussy. What determines our performance is dependent on which one of those folks is in charge.

So, how do you get rid of the Inner Wussy and replace him with your Inner BadAss to enjoy a winning attitude? Just forget about the Wussy, if you don’t give him attention, it will eventually sit down and shut up. Gear your focus towards awakening, nurturing and feeding your BadAss.

One of the absolute best ways to do that and create a winning attitude is through motivational videos. Believe me, no matter what you do, you’ll find something for yourself. And just because you’re a lawyer, doesn’t mean that you can’t get pumped up for your work by watching some “I am a champion” kind of stuff.

The key to motivation is to do it daily. Why? Let me explain. Would you drive a car that has 4 flat tires? You probably wouldn’t if you care about your car. Don’t get me wrong, it can be done. However, you would destroy your tires completely, drive slow, burn a lot of fuel and get people pissed off because of the noise you’re making. Not a pretty scenario.

If you’re not motivated to do something, you can still do it, to a degree. You can go to the gym and instead of getting the best pump ever, just do half-assed reps and go through the motions. But here’s he kicker. You reap what you sow. You can’t sow thistles and reap roses. That’s just not the way things work.

It is only when you call for your Inner BadAss and a winning attitude that you are truly able to get maximum results. Winners don’t complain, winners don’t explain, winners march forward. With a winning attitude you’ll do more work in less time and actually the work will feel effortless. Why effortless? Because you know that you’re a winner. You know that you’ll get what you want. So the action you take is simply a joyful process of bringing that into reality.

A winning attitude is contagious. When you see somebody in that state, something moves inside of you and you get in that state as well. But what if you do something over and over again? It will become a habit. You’ll notice, just like I did, that you walk differently, breathe differently, think differently. What you’ll also notice is that the results you are getting are gradually improving. And that is what having a winning attitude is all about.

So, cultivate you Inner BadAss and go get what you deserve!