Dieting and Weight Loss – How to Stay Motivated and Lose Weight Faster

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Losing weight in never fast enough for anyone. It looks like we are starving ourselves which is basically what we are doing. But it is the only way to reduce the amount of fat in our bodies. Once the fat is there, you need to burn it off faster then you eat more food.

It is not a matter of eating what you burn, you need to eat less then you need to stay at a weight level. So your body starts burning off your excess fat. You are cutting your intake and exercising more so your body starts taking energy from your fat stores. Once fat is there, it will stay until your metabolism needs it.

So any diet is forcing your body to use what you already got, instead of new calories from food. Fat loss is going to happen over months, not days or weeks. It is a slow steady weight loss just like it was a slow steady putting on 5 extra lbs a month.

Hey, face it we all eat more than we should at times. This is a worldwide problem. It is growing in the US mostly because of all the processed foods and fast, easy and quick meals we eat in our busy lives. Fast food is not food as my doctor always says!

Healthy weight loss does not even require any set plan or expensive program. It will be hard and not very fast but it is really the only thing that works long term. You need to eat better and exercise more. Stop eating food because of stress or as a comfort. Eat what you need to stay healthy and avoid junk food as much as possible.

If you simply start eating the right foods for you, you will naturally lose weight. It is really about teaching yourself new ways to eat healthy and not caving into temptation.

There is nothing wrong with having a slice of chocolate cake if all week you have been following healthy eating. In fact that can be a nice reward. Just do not eat cake every day.

Staying motivated and remembering what your goal is will help you in your healthy weigh loss eating program. Get your family to join you and you will all be healthier.

Most people only think about a diet when things have gotten out of hand and their self esteem sinks. But healthy eating should just be what you do to stay healthy and live a longer life.

Do not think badly about yourself. Learning healthy eating and how to cook tasty healthy dishes is just a new skill to learn and master.

There are many delicious healthy meals available. You may have to find new family favorites and save your comfort foods everyone loves for special occasions.

A few tips for stimulating yourself and making new eating habits part of your daily life:

Keep track of your calories

Everything you eat should be logged especially when you start a new diet or eating plan. It will help you count calories and find those extra foods you forget you even ate. The little things can really add up to insane amounts of calories. Try to keep your intake above 1200 calories a day. Starvation type diets will just make your metabolism and your weight bounce up and down. If you keep your calories below 1500 you will lose weight.

Eat something every 2 hours

Eat five or six times a day, small meals will curb your hunger and you wont feel like you are starving yourself. Get off the 3 big meals a day and your body will be a lot happier. Big meals make you lazy for quite some time. If you skip meals, you will automatically over eat. It is totally unconscious, you body will want more.

We all know the stomach is slower than the hunger urge. Stop early and your stomach will still be full. How many times have you ate your fill and 20 minutes later you were absolutely stuffed and know you overdid it?

Spreading out with small meals allows the body to feel satisfied and keeps your metabolism on an even steady keel.

Drinking a lot of water

Make sure to drink 8 full glasses of water to keep your body hydrated. Being dehydrated stresses your system and stress makes you eat more often then needed. Our bodies are mostly water and not drinking enough causes your hormones to fluctuate. Water will make you fill like you are full and make you eat less at meals. The more water you drink, the less your body will store. If you do not drink enough water, the body starts saving it because it thinks water is scarce and you will actually have more weight gain from the water your body is hoarding for emergencies.

Make sure it is actually water. Most drinks like coffee and soda are doing your body more damage than good. Water is king.


To burn off calories, you have to be getting exercise. The more exercise you do the healthier you will get. Just diet alone will not help, your metabolism just slows down. If you are serious about losing weight, combine diet with lots of exercise to get rid of those extra pounds.

Start slow but keep pushing your limits and adding longer times and more dificult exercises as your body gets accredited to this new exercise level. Vary what kind of exercise you do to keep all your muscles involved. Both cardio and weight training will improve your health and your weight loss results.

It is not all about losing weight, just turning fat into muscle will make you look better and feel better. You may feel like the scale is not showing any difference. But remember muscle is heavier than fat. You are still getting results as long as you maintain your exercise and healthy eating.

This is not a sprint it is a long term health plan so do not get discouraged. Keep looking at your goals and knowing you are going to live longer. You’;re doing your part.