DISC Profiles – Motivating and Persuading

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One of the reasons to use DISC profiles in the business setting is to gain a better understanding of how to motivate and persuade people. Different personality styles are motivated by different things.

To properly motivate the dominance style you want to quickly empower and get out of the way. Whether motivating or persuading you want to be direct and to point, only hitting the high points when dealing with a dominance personality. It is also advisable to ask for and listen to their approach and focus on results.

When motivating or persuading the influence style provide a positive environment in which there is plenty of chances for discussion. They can be motivated by generating enthusiasm and creating an environment that allows for some fun. Influence styles can be motivated by the opportunity to have some independence as well as a chance to be exposed to new people and new ideas.

Steadiness styles are motivated and persuaded by clear and specific standards. They are more likely to be motivated by an environment that allows for a team approach where the team is working together for results. When persuading a steady style be sure to demonstrate sensitivity to people and allow them time to deliberate before making a decision.

When motivating or persuading the competence style you need to be sure and provide facts and logic while being consistent and conservative. Competence styles can be motivated by the opportunity to work alone, and respond best to real deadlines. Do not give a competence a deadline unless it really needs to be done by that time. When persuading a competence style you must be prepared to be exact, correct, and accurate.

As you can see, all styles are not motivated or persuaded by the same things. Having a better understanding of what these different motivators are can greatly enhance your ability to get things done through others.