Discover 10 Ways To Lose Weight and Stay Motivated!

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It is essential that you understand the importance of a balanced diet. A diet filled with essential nutrient groups: proteins, fats, non-starchy vegetables and carbohydrates. By eating a balanced diet you will experience a higher metabolism, achieve weight loss, slow the aging process and prevent disease.

The following 10 ways to lose weight will start you on the right track for correct nutrition and weight loss.

1. It is important that you understand weight loss is not your main goal, the main goal is great health. Losing weight will be the benefit of great health.

2. Do not eat a low fat diet. It turns off your metabolism and your body will be forced to take nutrients from your bones and muscles. Healthy fats are essential in contributing to good nutrition.

3. Excess carbohydrates will accelerate the aging process by causing insulin levels to spike. It is always wise to eat a carbohydrate with a protein and a healthy fat, this will keep your insulin levels from spiking so you are less apt to gain weight, high insulin levels result in weight gain.

4. Proteins should be eaten with every meal and snack. We need a steady source of protein for our body to regenerate. Protein contributions to many metabolic processes in the body; This is why protein is so important for weight loss.

5. Low fat dieting, starvation diets, fasting, skipping meals, counting calories and diet pills have caused many nutritional problems including weight gain.

6. Processed sugar can raise your insulin ratio which leads to fat production and storage. Decrease
process sugars.

7. Consuming fiber is a healthy component for a balanced diet. Fruits, vegetables, beans, oats, whole-grains, nuts, rice, beans and seeds are all sources for fiber.

8. Fluids are essential for a healthy body, two liters of water a day is sufficient.

9. Exercise is very important for weight loss and staying healthy. Find a physical activity that you enjoy, such as walking the dog, hiking, or gardening.

10. Get plenty of rest and relaxation. When we get grumpy from lack of sleep, we tend to eat more.

Your body needs nutrients to function properly. Getting the right balance of these nutrients will provide a fuel for your daily activities and can help you achieve weight loss and an active lifestyle.

Did you know that most people already know how to exercise and eat right? Unfortunately, many people will not exercise or eat right unless they have motivation. I want to share with you some strategies to help you stay motivated.

By applying these strategies into your everyday life you will soon reach your weight loss goals.

– Write down your (realistic) weight goal (s) and the reason that achieving that weight is important to you. Review it often, especially when you are discouraged.

– You need to find a comfortable weight. Be realistic, you are trying to achieve a healthy weight loss.

– Remember when you have an excuse that keeps you from your dreams, goals or desires write it down on a piece of paper and then throw it away. Do not let excuses rob you of your happiness.

– Take care of you and get plenty of rest, lack of sleep will create a stressed body and mind. When you are stressed you will be more likely to eat foods that are not healthy for you and are full of calories.

– Surround yourself with positive and encouraging people. Negative people will bring you down and also will bring down your motivation.

– Do not count calories; This is a sure way to fail. Follow the 10 ways to lose weight. If you want to lose more weight, decrease your carbohydrates.

– A nutritional Guru once told me if you are fat you need to find joy in your life. Begin looking for your passion in your life, what makes you sing? We will often use food to fill certain voids in our life, what are your wishes, dreams or goals?

– Stop thinking that your body is the enemy; make peace with your body by becoming aware of it. Yoga is a great tool to gain awareness and to begin to rediscover your body.

– You do not need to struggle; you can find peaceful ways to transform your body, no more struggling, one step at a time.

– When you think of exercise, think of it as a tool to make you healthy.

Take all this energy that you use on excuses and turn them into something positive, your life will start changing and so will you.