Does the Intelligent Warrior Subliminal Video Series Work Or Is It Another Scam?

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Even though subliminal messages have been around for a very long time, it hasn’t been until recently that they have been placed into a positive, controlled environment for people that want to achieve their goals, but are having trouble getting there.

The Intelligent Warrior Subliminal Video Series is a 7 part program that addresses just about every aspect of the human character that most people want to improve. That is probably why they have a success rate of 99%.

We’ll talk about how they arrive at that number in a moment, but lets get into the program so that you understand how it works.

If you don’t know about the power of subliminal messages, then you probably wouldn’t have come across this article. Traditionally this type of Subconscious Mind Power program was delivered via audio. The listener would hear waves crashing, the sound of a water fountain, a rain forest or some other soothing sound. Then in the back ground were these undetectable positive affirmations. The idea being if you can’t hear them consciously, you can’t object to them and these positive statements directly enter your subconscious where only true change occurs.

Some of these products brought results, while others didn’t. Enter the Subliminal Messaging Video. Now you can receive life altering affirmations of power, wealth, success, health and confidence just like those famous statements that flashed across a New Jersey Drive-in Screen in the 1950’s. Those Messages “Buy Coca Cola” and “Eat More Popcorn” were responsible for record concession sales. Eventually the owner was banned from showing them and the United States Government decided that this type of persuasion was so powerful that they banned it from advertising.

But new technology brought to us by Nelson Berry, the owner of the Intelligent Warrior Subliminal Videos, has brought us a new method of delivery for subliminal statements. Nelson has over 20 years experience in this ever changing industry. He is constantly creating new subliminal products, but perhaps his flagship is the intelligent warrior series.

You must commit to watching these 7 subliminal videos with beautiful and motivational pictures for at least 5 minutes a day (35 minutes total) in order for them to work.

1. The Intelligent Warrior, this sets you up for the rest of the series, a kick off to success Most people notice a change within the first 10 seconds of this video.

2. The Superior Technique — you learn that you are in control of what you want

3. Achieve your Social Potential — start looking at everyone in a whole new way

4. Aggressive Manifestation — You are always in the right place at the right time

5. Unstoppable Confidence — Suddenly everyone is impressed with you

6. Social Mastery for Men & Women — Every relationship in your life is finally on track

7. How to Manifest Money, Power, Sex & Love in 10 Hours — Now every day is the opportunity of a lifetime.

The Intelligent Warrior Subliminal Video Series leaves absolutely nothing to chance. And how do they boast their 99% success rate?

For this type of product, Nelson has a very liberal 8 week Guarantee. “If you don’t see 10 times more in useful value than you used to make this small purchase, you get back every dime you’ve trusted Nelson with. Nelson boasts a 1% return rate on his product. Which is verifiable through his Payment Processor. That is why the Intelligent Warrior can Claim that 99% rate of success.