Fitness Motivation – 3 Simple Steps to Staying Motivated and Reaching Your Fitness Goals!

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If you have ever struggled to stay motivated with your diet and exercise program, then you will want to read this article. Specifically we’;ll discuss picking a realistic workout that fits your lifestyle, choosing a plan that is exciting each new day, and the power of getting quick initial results. After reading this article, you should be able to stay motivated with your diet and exercise program until you’;ve reached your ultimate fitness goals.

Staying motivated starts with picking a realistic workout that fits your lifestyle. For example, if you have a busy schedule and only a few 20 minute gaps in your day, picking a fitness program that requires 1 1/2 hours of exercise is not the right match for you. You may be able to stay with it for a couple of days or a week, but you will soon lose motivation to continue with it because it does not fit with your lifestyle.

The solution for our example: Find a workout that fits with the 20 minute gaps that you have available.

The quickest way to kill motivation is to follow a workout plan that is repetitive and stale. Like eating the same food for every meal, an inflexible workout plan will soon become boring and you will dread having to do it again and again.

The solution to this is to vary your workouts through the week so that each day brings something new and exciting, resulting in an increase in motivation.

One of the most powerful ways to stay motivated in your diet and workouts is to get some quick initial results. Before starting the program, weigh yourself to get a reference point. Then follow the workout and diet you’;re doing religiously at 100% effort for two weeks straight and do not weigh yourself until the two weeks are up. Then, weigh yourself again and compare it to your starting weight.

Once you see the fruits of your labor, you will be extremely motivated to continue on because you have proven to yourself that what you’;re doing really works!

Often times we make it more difficult than it has to be to stay motivated. You want to start with a realistic workout that matches your lifestyle, this workout should be fun and exciting, and you should put 100% effort into it for two weeks in order to get some quick initial results that will motivate you towards your weight loss goals .

Put these practices into your life today and you will soon find yourself never losing fitness motivation again.