Get Motivated

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Just back from Salon International 07, one of the great things about going to exhibits and shows is how much they can motivate you through the year.

You can learn new skills, see new equipment, new looks, or get the latest take on what some of the big salons are saying about what they feel will be up and coming for the next season or coming months.

One of the rules about hairdressing is, there are no rules. How shapes and styles change to when they hit the streets can vary immensely, sometimes they get diluted and are far from the original concepts that were take from, other times, the original concept can be taken in its entity, and that’;s when the red Mohican of the cat walk, being the red Mohican on the streets.

There was an awful lot of inspiration to be taken from these years Salon International, I particularly liked the way subtle color variations were used mixing high lift hair colors with vibrant mixer shades to make colors that are not on our usual color shade charts, plus how they where used in conjunction with the haircuts.

I have recently bought a pair of 7 inch scissors, mainly for some scissor-over-comb work, but they have given me a new approach to some of my cutting techniques, and motivated me to try some different shapes in my cutting.

Another motivational tool I use is new products. at the moment I am using a blow lotion milk from Wella, it is giving me super silky blow dry with with a little amount of hold, I am thrill with the finishes I am getting.

So, try and use different tools or products or both to inspire and motivate you to create some brilliant hairstyles.