Getting Motivated to Stick the Candida Diet – The Problem

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This article poses a problem someone has about getting motivated to stick the candida diet. She has been suffering with the candida for about 14 years now. At one time she had it under control, but it is totally out of control again. Last year she suffered a nervous breakdown, and though she does not want to go through that again, she has learned so much since then, that it is fine she had to go through it once.

The problem that she is having though is getting motivated to stick to the diet. She has 80 pounds that she must lose. She knows that it is not good to carry that extra weight around, and she also knows that the only way it will ever change is by following the Yeast-free sugar free diet. She does the best by just eating meat and vegetables.

Her digestive system needs to heal, and she needs to build her immune system back up. Her sister Del has Scleroderma, and Lupus. Last week was a particularly bad week for her, and she spent it in the hospital. She is on the list for a lung transplant.

She knows that these two diseases are immune system disorders. She realized that if she did not get the candida under control, that it could very well be her in 12 years. So what did you all do to find the motivation to get through the first several weeks of this eating pattern? Especially when you would find yourself craving the sugar, and anything else?