Goal Setting to Stay Motivated While Training

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Goal setting in training is something people fail to utilize, you’;ll often hear people say things like … This year I’;m going to bulk up or … this year I’;m going to drop 20lb of fat. Although these are valid goals there is no real motivation behind them.

Vague goals like losing weight or putting on muscle are some of the most commonly associated goals when it comes to health and fitness, and although valid they give no real motivation or target and as a result people often fail to reach these goals because they lack motivation after a few weeks, lack of motivation is the single largest reason people give up and fall short of their goals and fail to make the change in their lives they so disappointly long for.

Setting realistic, obtainable goals will help you to remain focused, motivated and on target. Obtaining a goal such as losing 20lb or even gaining 20lb often requires huge lifestyle changes and it’;s this changes that take time and effort to implement.

Keeping a journal is a fantastic way to motivate yourself, it can be put on an online blog, written in a text document and saved on your PC. Writing in a journal there are loads of different ways to do this and it’;s this type of journal that can help you to stay motivated even on those days you just want to give up. There have been days where I’;ve woken up to cold Scottish mornings with a cold and not wanted to move its times like this I read back in my workout journal to those days where I could not wait to get to the gym and was at my most motivated. Remembering the times you’;ve felt like this really helps to get you out of the door and for most people once there in the gym the motivation floods back.

You also use your journal to log your workouts, what you lived how many reps etc. This allows you to compete with yourself so one day you bench 200lb for 8 reps the next time you come to do this exercise you set a short goal of benching 200lb for 9 reps it’;s these sort of short term goals that allow you to continuously progress each workout and keep pushing – just remember to keep them obtainable forcing 1 more rep is more more obtainable than trying to add on 20lb to your bench in a week. Making obtainable goals and reaching them will do far more for your motivation than failing to meet an unreasonable goal.

Set long term, short term and workout based goals. It’;s human nature its simple and its overlooked but every person on this planet enjoys success no matter how big or small it’;s a great feeling to achieve something.

So break your goals down: Next year I want to have earned 20lb, Next month I want to have added 5lb to my bench press, next week ill squat 200lb for 1 extra rep. Obtainable goals that if you stay on top of add up.

If you can add 5lb a month to your bench press that’;s 60lb over the course of a year, that’;s 12 small successes that amount to a huge increase overall. And it’;s achieving these small goals that will keep you motivated and keep you driving to reach that big goal you set at the beginning.

This approach is not limited to gaining muscle, it’;s equally effective for losing weight or just getting in shape in general – this approach can be utilized to succeed in achieving any goal you have in life. Step by step each small success at a time will lead you to reaching your goals.