How I Used Naruto to Stay Motivated For Exercise!

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In the super popular Japanese anime, "Naruto", Uzumaki Naruto is a boy who’;s dream it is to become the Hokage (leader of the village). This position is only provided to be given to someone who has demonstrated outstanding qualities of leadership, combat skills, decision-making under pressure, loyalty, and their love for their fellow villagers.

When Naruto was still in ninja school as a young boy he was not very gifted or talented. In fact he was the class clown who was constantly getting into trouble, failing tests, finishing bottom of the class and being ridiculed by his class mates. Even back then he would say, "One day I’;m going to become the greatest ninja in the village and you will have to acknowledge me" and no one would take him seriously. He was seen as an outsider and the parents of all the other kids would tell them to stay away from Naruto because they thought he was trouble. This hurt Naruto deeply but he always tried to avoid showing it.

One day an incident occurred (I will not spoil it for you in case you want to watch the show) which changed Naruto’;s attitude forever. He finally knew that someone believed in him. Just one person. This was enough.

Naruto had a rival called Sasuke who was the total opposite. He was a child prodigy full of incredible natural talent. He was serious and did not mess around. He came first in every test, was invited by the other boys, and the girls volunteered for his attention.

During Naruto’;s journey he encounters many difficult challenges and obstacles. He overcomes challenges that even his more naturally talented peppers can not. Through sheer hard work and determination he begins to finally win the respect of others. This boy is still a clown, still the same old troublemaker but his attitude has changed somewhat. His hard work is producing results. He has a will of fire burning deep inside him that will keep him going no matter how hard it gets. Even though Naruto always had the intense desire to gain recognition from others, he now has another reason to keep driving. He will do anything to protect his friends and fellow villains who have started to respect and look up to him. He begins to inspire others such as Hinata, a painfully shy and nervous girl who is considered weird by the other kids, Chouji, an overweight kid who was the one one wanted on their team and Lee, a kid with a severe disadvantage compared to the others.

This determination is referred to by the villagers as "The will of fire". Naruto and others managed to do the impossible with this will of fire. This is not about motivation. That’;s some weak ass stuff that will make you sign up to the gym in January and then quit in one month. If you really want to change and achieve something then you have to find your true reason for doing this. What do you really want? If you want to lose some weight, why? Think about every possible way this will make your life better. If you get down to a healthy weight you might look and feel more attractive, be able to do certain things more easily, prove a point to others and maybe even live longer. Think about this. If that does not get you excited then find another reason. Have a clear dream of what you want to be. This feeling is so powerful and will keep you going until you make it.

As for me, I do what I do because I want to be an extra athlete and gain recognition. I do not just want to be above average. Why do I want this I can not explain very well. It’;s just a very strong feeling. I have an image of what I want to like like and I am unable to stop until it’;s realized. Call me crazy.

"I dont care who I have to fight … If he rips my arms off, I’;ll kick him to death … If he rips my legs off, I’;ll bite him to death … If he rips my head off, I’;ll stare him to death … (laughing) If he gouges out my eyes, I’;ll curse him from beyond the grave …! Even if I’;m torn to shreds, I’;m taking Sasuke back from Orochimaru! "- Naruto