How Motivated People Grow

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Motivated & Unmotivated Individuals

It is not at all uncommon to hear people complain about their job as being boring or as if they are stuck in a rut. These individuals go about the daily routine just going through the motors, often disliking their job and not feeling very good about theirselves, their abilities or their potential.

The opposite type of individual is someone who is personally motivated. These people look at a job for its potential and they strive to learn as much as possible, experience as much as they can and develop as many skills as possible to the fullest extent. They see their job as a stepping stone and not a final destination.

The Difference

The exciting thing about people is that the first type of employee, the unmotivated complainer, can change to become a motivated individual. This all starts by setting small goals and seeing those goals provide a positive impact on your life.

Motivation of this type, which is internal and personal, is very powerful in creating the opportunities to grow. By tasking yourself with a series of growth challenges, you will find ways to become better at your job or to develop the skill set needed to find the job you have always wanted.

Getting Started with Growth

The first thing that anyone that wants to use motivation to grow has to do is to develop a roadmap for their life. It should include both personal and professional goals. These goals represent the things you want to do, not the things you feel obliged to do.

Write these things down as your final goals. Then, look for small mini-goals you can set to help you to achieve the big goal. For example, if you wanted to learn to speak another language, you first need to find a class, sign up for the class, attend the classes and so on. Clearly define each step in your goal, setting a timeline to accomplish each mini-goal. This type of strategizing can make the difference between growing substantively and not growing at all.

As you work through the mini-goals, you will find your level of motivation increases. You will start experiencing a change in the way you see your situation, with opportunities to expand your growth in different areas of life. You will also strengthen your will power which will help you create motivational habits that turn into long-term success.