How to Activate Your Downline

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Activating your downline will be one of the hardest obstacles to overcome in network marketing. The only chance that you have is to create an action plan and keep them accountable to it.

I have been in network marketing or MLM, as many call it, for over 10 years. I also have been a traditional business owner for years and with out question MLM is a harder business to operate. The thing is… Traditional business is a model that has employees. These employees are easy to motivate with both positive and negative methods. The negative motivation is easy because you can threaten to fire people if they do not do their work. MLM is a group of independent entrepreneurs that usually bought into the deal because they thought it would be easy. It is much harder to activate people that you can’t fire… or so I thought.

Activating a person with positivity works the same in Traditional business and Network Marketing.. People are people. When I decided to quit looking for the easy solution to success. Success began to show itself. I realized that I needed to be a leader and a leader leads. It is important to explain the difference between motivational leadership and just leading by example. Often people think that leadership is just walking the walk, but walking the walk is easy. In MLM, sponsoring people is easy. Getting people to sponsor people is hard. The only chance you have is motivational leadership with accountability.

“I get it” many people say. Everyone understands that people need motivation, but what people don’t realize is how to motivate them or appreciate critical timeline before they quit. You have 72 to hours from when someone joins to have a “heart to heart” chat about their goals. I use to hate meeting with people to discuss their goals. It was boring and usually a fruitless time waster until I realized what I needed to say. I discovered that everyone plans on doing something with their new business, but many people don’t even get out of neutral. The reason people don’t get started is because of fundamental human emotional nature. People are afraid of looking stupid or being rejected. You goal is to empower them to see how inactivity is killer of business, not rejection. Make them despise being an inactive dreamer.

Activate the fear of failure. Activating a person’s fear of failure is your key to success. You must instill in the new representative that a plan of action is not a plan of results… it is a plan for failure. Let me explain. Failure is the key to success in sales. Every salesperson will tell you that flow and speed dictates success, not so the quality issue. People must learn to have a plan to get rejected by 2 people a day. Role play rejection and get them so ready to deal with it that they are confident that they can approach someone. If you congratulate them for failing and laugh a little. You will have succeeded. You must follow and congratulate them or this not will work.

In conclusion, most people stall out while sitting in neutral. Your leadership is their only chance and if you don’t step up and act like stoic motivator then you will always be looking at your team and wondering why they are not activating. Remember that people sit in neutral into you show them how to drive. Teach that “The path to success leads right through the dumps’ and preparing is your ticket to success