How To Conquer The Writers Limiting Challenge To The Speed ​​Reader

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In a bid to present their opinion in a way that people will appreciate, some writers fail to clearly state and properly define the meaning of their write-ups. For a speed reader, it is a different ball game altogether as this can slow down the reading rate of any speed reader, since challenging its efficiency at reading. This is consequent to the fact that the speed reader’;s ability to move on to the next paragraph or sentence depends on his comprehension of the previous ones.

Let’;s take a look at the following scenario:

For Instance:

Man is an end product of the baboons.

It is clear that the meaning of the above sentence is that man is the product of evolution according to science.

It is a common knowledge that science always seeks facts to back up their propositions or theories. That notwithstanding, anyone telling me that i’;m baboon should be ready to clearly clarify that statement with pure facts.

Now lets compare the following statement.

Evolutionary Theory: This is the gradual process to development leading to a better future.

The Theory Of Creation: This is the production of conception, which extremely results to nature and life.

Did you notice how a speed reader can be challenged in the above two statement? A speed reader who is a fact finder can pay attention to the meaning of those statement that limiting or inhibiting his speed rate.

Whereas if the above two facts are stated in a different way, it can still come out clean without too much attention paid to decipher the meaning of each of them. Let’;s take a look at another way the same two statements above can be expressed without limiting the speed readers rate:

"Over time and again, science has tried to use all forms of theories to explain that all humankind is products of evolution, yet there is an overwhelming evidence that these theories are unfounded and can not be proved and that all evidence points to creation as the only reliable proof that the human race must be from the creation theory.

There are other types of writers who are liberal in their writing. They make sure that whatever they write has a backing of the truth. Something that can be proven. However, these types of writers can equally challenge the speed readers ability to read faster. Let’;s review some sentences of a liberal writer to see how it can help your speed reading rate.

"A lot of lies has been told and these lies has been proven to cause problems, yet people continue to tell lies. Obviously, people have ignored the Bible’;s admonition that" Truth can set you free "and lies keep on progress like never before.

Let’;s test the comprehension level.

Inspite of the Bible’;s claim for freedom for those who tell the truth, people continue to tell lies.

A look at the above statement shows that it is a liberal write up. A statement backed up by facts, evidence makes reading an ease when it is considered by the speed reader.

In your spare time, you can briefly go over these write ups and check grammar rules and consistency. Practice reading the two types of write ups i have been talking about and you will improve your speed reading rate over time.