How to Develop Dogged Persistence

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Persistence is a quality which every successful person has developed. You can’t achieve anything without passing the test of time. Unless you’re persistent you won’t win. The race goes to the person who never gives up under any set of circumstances. Some people have an almost supernatural ability to persist. Thomas Edison made 10,000 attempts before he successfully developed the light bulb. The majority would have thrown in the towel after 1 or maybe 2 tries. If you’re every going to achieve anything you must be persistent.

Follow these tip to develop dogged persistence.

Keep The Fire Under Your Desire

You must want something so badly that you ignore all nay-sayers, quitters, and losers who tell you to give up. Pessimists are poisoners. They’ll strangle your ambition in a heartbeat unless you’ve cultivated the habit of persistence. When you really want something you keep moving towards it no matter what. Flame the fires under your desire on an hourly basis.

Keep Your Eye On The Goal

Obstacles undermine persistence. When focused on obstacles you’re likely to quit. When focused on a goal you’re likely to continue. Focus on your definite major purpose and ignore all else. When the picture becomes clearly etched in your mind you simply won’t give up until you get there.

Surround Yourself With Hard-Chargers

Think you’ll be persistent when surrounding yourself with quitters? Keep a strong support system. Associate with people who don’t believe in the word “failure”. Failure is opportunity to the persistent.

Immerse Yourself In Motivational Materials

Purchase a personal development program. Read self-help books. Let your mind feast upon motivational audio, videos, and manuals. The mind becomes filled with whatever it eats. Cut out the junk food and chow down on the good stuff. When motivated to persist you persist. It’s that simple. Highly-motivated people blast through obstacles on a continual basis. That’s why they win.


Keep moving. By being in constant motion you’ll develop momentum which draws you closer to a goal. With momentum it becomes easier to keep going with less effort, making it less difficult to become persistent.

Remember The Finish Line

Keep in mind why you’re being persistent. With a clear vision of the finish line it’s easier to make persistence a habit.

Ignore the negativity, do what you do best, and keep at it until God allows you to pass the persistence test.