How To Get Motivated – Right Now

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It’;s difficult. Many people talk about the importance of getting motivated. But let’;s be honest.

Easier said than done. It can be hard just to function some days (any time something big happens in your life). But, good news.

There are simple ways to do it. You do not need to just force yourself in order to get things done. Read on …


I do not know what you want. And it’;s none of my business what you want. But we all want something. Whatever it is, you’;ll have to take action to get it. And that requires motivation. But it can be a struggle to get yourself to do it.

Be careful. Or you’;ll fall into one of the major pitfalls of getting motivated.

Avoid feeling frustrated with yourself. It can be hard not to. But, if you start an inner conflict, you’;ll find it even harder to take action. Here’;s what you can do.

Forgive yourself. This is step one. Accept yourself the way you are right now. Think of your best friend. If they were in the same situation, would not you support them? Maybe buy them a soda and talk to them?

Treat yourself the same way. Then you are ready for …

How To Get Motivated

By using these facts of human psychology to your advantage, you can answer the simple question "How to get motivated?"

People do not like losing. (No surprise.)

Not just games, but anything. They will spend hours clipping coupons, or complaining on the phone to avoid losing money. But are not nearly motivated by gaining more of it. You can use this to your advantage.

Put Some Skin In The Game

If you really want to light a fire under your butt, give yourself something to lose. A great example of this is

It allows you to set up a challenge. And if you do not complete that challenge they’;ll send $ 100 from your credit card to someone you do not like (or some other options).

If you had that hanging over your head, would not you be more likely to get off the couch? Do not forget.

When you know you need to do something, just quick do something – anything – to begin it. Even something small. A phone call, an e-mail. Anything. Once you have invested something into it, you’;ll find it much harder to give up on it.

You’;ll feel a loss at what you’;ve already invested into it. A competition like one on will give you that motivation to get started. Once you are invested, you’;ll find it easier to keep going.

Like any progress in life, it usually starts with a new awareness. If you want to get motivated, give yourself something to lose, not just to gain.