How to Keep Your Sales Team Constantly Motivated – Motivation Solution For Sales Manager

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As a sales manager, you should always ask yourself is, "Are my team members performing up to their full capacity?" If not, there are many tools, skills and motivational techniques that you can use to bring them to perform at an even higher level.

Many salespersons operate at a fraction of their full potential. They allow themselves to be satisfied with status quo because they can not visualize what they are capable of achieving. Very often, they are just one good idea away from their next breakthrough. Being the leader of your team, your job is to boost your team’;s results, motivate them and tap on their infinite potentials for greater success … because their success is YOUR success.

Just imagine how much your income and bonuses will grow if your team is motivated to increase their sales. By keeping them constantly motivated, you can earn more with less work. They will be happy with more commission, you will be happier with less stress at work and more time with family. With that in mind, you need a solution to inspire your sales team and keep their motivation alive everyday.

While some sales managers send their top performers to live seminars by top motivational experts like Brian Tracy and Bob Proctor, most companies hire local trainers to give training in-house. Most of these trainers come with a hefty price tag. If you were to hire a top motivational expert into your conference room to do live training, you could easily spend $ 10,000 to $ 20,000 a day, if not more.

Although live predictions may yield positive results in the short term, they are either affordable or effective in the long term. The buzz of energy usually wear off after sometime. Also, do you know that most people forget 85% of what they learn after a seminar? Motivation needs to be recharged. Learning needs to be reinforced. Most sales representatives face rejections after rejections, they need motivations on the go. Your sales team need new ideas and new techniques fast, to win over the difficult potential major customers before your competitors get them.

The most effective and affordable solution to keep your team constantly motivated is to invest in quality motivational DVDs by motivational experts. With seminars on DVD, you can have your entire team inspired by America’;s top motivational experts right in your office at a fraction of the price for a live seminar. Topics on prospecting, telephone skills, sales presentation, building customer loyalty, closing sales … you name it. Three months later, when you want to reinvent the ideas or when a new staff joins your team, you can use it over and over again.