How to Motivate Women to Exercise

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Exercise is an essential key in keeping a person physically fit and in enhancing one’;s overall wellness. Doing a regular exercise can not just strengthen your muscles but it can also boost your immune system and prevent you from acquiring cardiovascular diseases, obesity, diabetes, and other illnesses. However, many people find it hard to engage in routine exercise especially women who have children and work at the same time. They are sometimes too tired to exercise or just do not have enough time to do that. Some women refused to exercise because of poor health, while others only needed a little motivation to do that. There are some ways to motivate women to exercise and these include the following:

Encourage women to exercise. The first step is by simply talking it out. You should explain to them the importance of exercise. Awareness of the many benefits of exercise will certainly enlighten their interests in doing so.

Give them gifts to get motivated. Women love gifts! You can start by giving them something that would help them do some exercises depending on their interests but make sure it does not appear offensive. For example, you can give your friend who loves dancing a copy of some at-home aerobics, educational CDs teaching jazz or pop dance steps, or anything of her interest that could make her get grooving.

Accompany them and do stuff together. Unlike men, women can easily get disinterested if they have nobody to accompany them to go to the gym, jog early in the morning, or attend their classes. You can do things together and engage in activities that you both love doing like bicycling, ballroom dancing, yoga, or even simply having a brisk walk outside.

Walk your dogs outside. Walking is already one form of exercise and doing that about 30 to 60 minutes a day with proper posture can reduce your health risks. If you love dogs, you can bring them along with you. In that way, you will be motivated to go outside and stroll your dogs even just around the corner.

Jog in a park or somewhere close to nature. You should allow yourself to unwind from a stressful work, crowded city and boring place. Instead of lifting weights or running on your treadmill, you can opt to go and have an early walk to a beautiful park or jog along the shore during sunset, or go biking to a scenic meadow. The fresh air, soothing sound of chirping birds and green trees all together give you both the benefits of exercise and the relaxing effect of the scenic views that you see along the way.

Go swimming. Seldom would one think to go swimming to exercise. Swimming is often associated with chilling out, refreshing and relaxing. It is one of best form exercise as it allows you to have fun while doing a full body workout.

Start with light exercises. Women who want to exercise but are lazy enough to do so may start with light exercises. These do not take up much of your time and are reliably easier. You can start by doing sit-ups or crunches. This will help in the production of energy, so providing you motivation to perform more exercises. As you get used to it, you can start planning for your routine exercises.

Do other things you enjoy while exercising. You can always modify your ways to keep you motivated. Try listening to your favorite music, watching TV or reading magazines while exercising. This will keep you from getting bored and will help make the whole process more fun and enjoyable.

Buy a dance pad. For those women who prefer to stay at home rather than enrolling in dance classes, buying a dance pad is the answer. Dancing is also a good form exercise as it involves rhythmic body movements to the tune of a certain music. With dance pad, it does not only develop your physical strength but also your mental health, as it needs proper coordination. You can also invite your friends over to make it more pleasurable and challenging, so making you more motivated to do it again.

Keep track of your progress. Nothing is more satisfying than seeing the progress of your workout. Keep a log of your exercises. You can write down the number of repetitions that you do every time you exercise. You can also weigh yourself or take pictures of yourself prior to starting an exercise regimen and after you have completed the program. Seeing how you have become stronger and healthier is very much stimulating and rewarding.

There are different ways to motivate women to exercise whether you do it alone or with the help of your friends, or with a personal trainer. It really depends on your preference. Nonetheless, the basic principle in sustaining that motivation is by simply having fun while exercising.