How to Motivate Yourself For Greater Height

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Motivating yourself is often times the most difficult aspect of personal development. The concept of personal development is to improve the overall well being, attitude and actions of a person. In doing so, you will run into many obstacles and how they are met is dependent upon you. I have made many mistakes by constantly thinking that other people can motivate me, but in essence, only I can motivate myself. Others can only create an environment for me to motivate myself!

What happens when you jump start yourself with a little motivation and then start to plateau? From there, you do not feel like you are getting anywhere, and then you start to slip. Keeping yourself motivated is a hard task, but can definitely be done.

Outlined below are some ways you can coach yourself into success.

1. Goal setting

The first and most important aspect of personal development. This is where it all starts. Without a goal, you have no direction. Without a direction, you have no purpose. Lay out your goals clearly and with detail. Once you have a goal with defined values, you will know when you achieve them. Seeing success is the best motivator around. When I set one of my goals to create my own training video this year, I finally achieved it in March! It is indeed every trainer’s dream to have their own training video! This would not have happened if I did not write down my goals and review them almost every night!

2. Write it out, Draw up a plan!

Do something! You have to make your goals and aspirations visible to you. You need to make sure you have our goals on your mind every day. Each day is a different set of goals looking to achieve a bigger goal. If you want to take a cruise to the Bahamas, but do not have that extra cash right this minute, work to get there. Put a picture of a beautiful beach on your nightstand so you see it every time you wake up in the morning and every time you go to bed. Plan out how you are going to get there and follow it.

3. Take Action!

There is no sense of making goals if you are not going to do anything about them. Take action on your checklist! Make it a goal to get a certain amount of tasks done every day that is out of your normal daily schedule. Shift it around, make it more exciting; enjoy meeting goals and then celebrate when you achieve them. If you have to, make them smaller so you can reach them easier and then graduate to larger goals. This works for me and gives me confidence when I constantly achieve smaller goals.

4. Surround yourself with the right people

Being around people that are supportive and positive can really make or break success in personal development. You need to make sure you have people around you that want to see you succeed. They will be there for you and offer positive words of encouragement. They are also the people that are around when you celebrate success. Anyone who offers negativity has no place in your personal development goals.

With all these tips in mind, stay focused and positive. There will be roadblocks in the way; there always are. Keep track of your past achieved goals and review them when you doubt yourself. Stay Driven!