How To Pick A Great Name For Your Podcast

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What will you call your Podcast?

You’ve decided on the topic that you will cover, but you haven’t yet picked a name. Perhaps you will be podcasting about a hobby. Let’s say you are a photographer, and you’ll be talking about that as your main topic.

There are several keywords that are related to photography. Some that come to mind are:

  • pictures
  • lens
  • images
  • focal
  • camera
  • visual

Certainly, there are many more keywords that exist, but I’ve just mentioned a few. Try to choose some of these keywords, or others in the photography field (or whatever topic you want to podcast about) into something that is descriptive of what you’ll be talking about and also may be catchy.

Something like “Through the Camera Lens,” or maybe “Focal Point,” for example. To those searching podcast directories like iTunes, these podcast titles will certainly convey a bit about your topic and are easy to remember.

Try to steer clear from Podcast names that are too long. Naming your show “Camera Reviews of DSLR Cameras For Prosumer Photographers” is certainly descriptive, but is pretty lengthy, and may not be a name that is as easily remembered as something short and catchy.

Whatever topic you choose, stay focused on ensuring that your podcast uses some keywords in its title.

If you are a podcasting about yourself as a personality, then you would certainly want to use your name in the title, but I would also recommend that you also use some other keywords. For example, if your name is John Smith, rather than name your Podcast simply “John Smith,” I’d recommend something along the lines of “John Smith – Rants and Raves,” or “John Smith – Motivational Speaker.” The key is really to stick to something that tells the potential listener a bit more about what they will hear when they listen!

Keywords are very important for search optimization and visibility, so they should not be ignored. Just be certain to choose relevant keywords for your topic.

With some time and effort, you will certainly come up with several names that are worthy of consideration. Once you have several names, ask people you know that listen to podcasts what they think of particular names you are considering. Asking peers that podcast for their opinion will also be helpful. The podcasting community is very cooperative and willing to help out fellow podcasters.

I hope this post has been helpful in assisting you on what to name your podcast.