How to Stay Consistent With Bulking Up and Adding Muscle – Staying Motivated

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Consistency is the key to gaining large amounts of muscle mass. You must be consistent with your training and diet in order to see real results; this is what separates the people that have huge amounts of muscle mass on their body’;s and those that look a little defined. The problem is staying consistent, even when the going gets tough. This article will give you some proven techniques in staying motivated and consistent.

Track your progress

You should already be keeping a record of the weights you are lifting in the gym. You should also be measuring your weight and body part circumferences. Both will let you look back at what you used to lift and how small you used to be – now you can compare that with where you are at now. You will see the increase in weights and your muscle size; this will be a great motivation.

Write goals

This may sound boring, but writing goals physically on a piece of paper will focus your mind. Read the goals every day, when you wake up and just before bed. This will ingrain them into your subconscious mind, forming a habit.

This habit will cause you to effortlessly want to train and eat consistently. It will become a part of your everyday life. Once you have achieved a goal, change it to the next one.

Use emotion to create unstoppable motivation

Sometimes you can not block out what your emotional mind wants to do, you know you should be listening to your logical side, but the emotions just pull you in. You can use this to your advantage.

Imagine how you will look and feel if you do not do whatever it is that you are supposed to be doing. Feel the bad emotions connected with this. Then imagine what you will look and feel like if you do whatever it is you are procrastinating about. Feel the good emotions attached to this.

Then take both feelings and allow the bad feelings to push you away from the distraction and the good feeling to pull you toward what you should be doing.

Results in the mirror

This has to be far the best motivator. The results you will see in the mirror in the long term will make you want to carry on staying completely consistent with your bulking up. Any speed bumps you hit will not matter anything as you feel the good feelings of getting actual results. Take photos to notice even more growth.

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