How to Stay Motivated In a Hostile Corporate Environment?

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In this over-competitive world staying motivated all the time especially in a hostile corporate environment is incredibly difficult. With long working hours, controlling bosses, a non-conductive work environment, etc adds to the litany of woes of any regular employee. For sometime, a grief-stricken employee can seek solace in job-hopping. But then the big question is, whether job-hopping will needlessly bail you out of the situation once and for all? Secondly, how long will you keep job hopping? Is there any other way to remedy this situation? However there is no denying the fact the organizations are going the extra mile to keep the employees happy and motivated. But the fact of the matter remains that even an HR will probably find it incredibly difficult to salvage the situation when it comes to managing highly de-motivated employees.

How do you define self-motivated person?

A self-motivated person is the one who makes use of his inner power to achieve life goals. External factors do not matter to him. In other words, he achieves success by leveraging the power that comes from within. The positive energy generated is routed towards a constructive act. That’;s that.

Neverheless, staying motivated is a big challenge considering the distractions that crowd our thought-process. The distraction can be in the form of personal problems, fatigue, burn out, hectic and monotonous scales, etc.

Factors that could de-motivate an employee in a workplace:

1. Gap between expectations and deliverables

2. Non-cooperative seniors

3. Lack of professional expertise

Whatever the cause be, the urge to over difficulties is the key to success. Figure out your unresolved conflicts and resolve them. Identify your strengths and weaknesses and accordingly work on them. Seeking help from role models also helps. Having a clear picture of your target also fills you up with positive energy. Writing down your goals will help you stay more focused. Further, keep reading positive books and say encouraging words to yourself. If that’;s not enough, pamper and reward yourself if you are able to achieve your target.

Indulge by taking a day off

Remember taking a day off is as important as meeting deadlines. On the day off, indulge in what you enjoy doing the most – it could be pursuing a hobby, music, catching up with friends, going for a movie, or simply lying around.

Boost Yourself

You may be neck-deep in work, but take some time-out and munch on some healthy food. Do not let your work take a toll on your health. Have you heard of the saying, healthy body has healthy mind.

Avoid Procrastination

Procrastination can become a habit if not checked on time. According to experts every task should be completed as soon as possible, even if there is plenty of time in hand. The more you delay the lazier and de-motivated you get.

The above tips may help you stay motivated, but ever you will have to figure out your own ways to stay motivated. Know what is turning you off and think about ways to resolve it. Accepting defeat is not the way out. Take up initiatives and naturally do not back off or withdraw.