How To Stay Motivated In The Face Of Setbacks

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It is hard to stay motivated with your work when you are faced with several setbacks. How can you get back up from a hard fall? If you are aspiring to become a doctor, how do you continue studying after failing the medical bar twice? If you want to become a pilot, how can you make it happen if your vision is not 20/20? If you want to become a mathematician, should you give up when you find out that your intellectual quotient is way below average? You should not give up when you are faced with setbacks. You should stay motivated and keep going for your goals. Here are some pointers that you might want to keep in mind when you are faced with setbacks at your work.

1. Everyone fails but only the great ones get back on track and learn from their mistakes. You are just a human being. Is it your fault that you are preached to err once in a while? You are going to make mistakes along the way. You are going to fall down. This is not your fault. It is going to become your fault if you do not get up. It is going to become your fault when you do not care about getting back up and pursuing the goals that you have set out for yourself. Failing is completely normal. You should actually get used to it. What you should learn is how to get back up from these failures. The great people are the ones who get back up from failures.

2. Find a role model. Who are the great people that you admire? Is it Babe Ruth from baseball? This great athlete’;s batting average is around one third. This means that for every great shot he made, he missed two more! If you think that failing is normal then you are right. If you think that failing is inevitable then you are right again. Failure is simply something that you have to go through to make those home runs. You might want to use Michael Jordan as your role model. This basketball superstar is probably the greatest player who has ever played the game. Would you believe that Michael Jordan was cut from his high school basketball team? Setbacks do not bother these winners. Who is your role model? Find one and be inspired.

3. Get out there and experience humanity. The more people you bump into life increases your chances of understanding the human race as it is. If you do not go out much then you must consider going out more often. Talk to people. Ask them about their experiences in life. Learn from their mistakes. Ask them what they did in certain situations. You are going to learn a lot of things from other people. Embrace humanity and enjoy being a human being yourself. Failure is something everyone has experienced.

4. Your emotions are merely emotions. Everyone has feelings. You can cry but once you are done crying, you have to step up from your failure and keep on going. There are too many losers crying in their corner of the world today. You should not be one of them. If you want to get through failure then you should leave it behind when all the dust has settled. You have to move on and accomplish things. Get over it and
get up.

Setbacks should not prevent you from accomplishing your goals. Setbacks are mere there to make you stronger. You should get up from these falls and fight back once again. There is no reason for you to sulk and give up on everything. Stay motivated and do not allow these setbacks to get to you.