How to Stay Motivated to Exercise in the Winter Months

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Winter weight gain is a common problem with many putting on extra kilograms over the cooler months! Let’;s face it most of the mammal kingdom put on an extra layer of fat for survival and to keep warm and we certainly are no exception to the rule!

It’;s often hard to get motivated to train and it is much easier to just hibernate inside and eat nice warm "comfy" foods. The problem with this is when spring time comes and it’;s time to start thinking about donning a swimsuit again and the new pair of shorts purchased last summer just will not do up!

Oh yes I think we can all relate! Springtime will soon be upon us but do not worry. It is not too late, even if you have put on a couple of kilograms already you can lose them easily in time for summer with a few motivational tips I have put together to help you stay motivated and get back on track to exercise!

Set Yourself a Goal

This is very important to help you stay on track and keep motivated. Set yourself a fitness goal and stick to it. There are plenty of events happening during the winter months, whether it be a 12 week type challenge to a fun run from 5k’;s to half marathons. Whatever it is make sure you write your goal down, the date you want to achieve it (so this might be the date of the event) and tell people about it, as this will keep you more motivated to stick to it.

Find an Exercise Buddy

It’;s always fun to exercise with someone so find yourself an exercise partner during these dull winter months so that you have absolutely no reason to skip your regular exercise routine. Having a partner will put the right kind of pressure on you and you will also receive the right kind of motivation. If you have someone relying on you to turn up to train with, you will be less likely to skip training.

Mix it Up

Another great way to remain motivated to exercise during winter is to do something different from your regular workout routine so that you do not feel bored. This is probably a good time to get out of the gym and do something else. If you can get together a group of like-minded friends you could take dance lessons together or play indoor netball. Maybe even take up hot-yoga as this will surely warm you up and you will burn a lot of calories while stretching at the same time.

Wear the Right Clothes

If you prefer to do your exercise at the gym it is important to wear the right workout clothes that keep you comfortable as well as looking stylish. Do not underestimate the importance of looking good, both in gym gear and in regular clothes, because this motivates you to keep on working out. If all you do is wear comfy sweat pants and shirts you will not do anything more than laze on the couch in front of the television. I certainly know that if I wear bulky clothes I do not even realize half the time I’;ve put on weight and therefore do not have the urgency to exercise!

I really hope these tips help you to stay motivated to exercise and help you to be fit and healthy throughout the winter so you look and feel fantastic even if you do occasionally indulge yourself with winter comfy foods!