How to Stay Motivated When You See Your Sales Declining

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A decline in sales numbers is always cause for concern. But very few salespeople experience a continual growth in sales for the long-term. Here are three ways for you to keep yourself motivated, when you start to see a drop in sales:

Determine the cause of the sales decline

If customers are no longer buying from you, then your first course of action should be to determine why they are no longer purchasing. Is this a temporary drop in your sales (which is not statistically significant, given your past results)? Or is a continual drop in sales? Do customers just not have the funding to purchase at this time? Will you need to change tactics to get better sales results? Or, are the problems more strategic in nature (your competitors have come out with better products or services at lower price points)? Once you know why the drop in sales is occurring, you can make the right changes to address the right problem.

Take the right action to fix the problem, and compensate accordingly

Obviously, the right action will depend on the nature of why the sales drop is occurring. In the meantime, you will need to take action to improve your sales results. If you are selling lower priced items, this may come down to making more calls, so that you close more sales to compensate for the decrease. If you are selling higher priced items, then you may need to make the most of each selling opportunity so you close more of your marginal prospects. Either way, you should definitely do more prospecting so that your sales pipeline refills with quality prospects for future cycles. Neglecting to do so can be disastrous; if you have several underperforming sales quarters, your prospects for continued employment may be dim.

If the issue is motivation, keep yourself going

If the only thing holding you back from making more sales is your own motivation, then you will have to find ways to keep yourself going. You might reward yourself, or have other members of your sales team reward you for making more prospecting calls, if that is what it takes. It helps to understand what motivates you: are you someone who strives towards a goal, or someone who attempts to avoid negative consequences? Knowing this can help you to drive yourself towards ever-higher levels of achievement.

So, once you determine the reason for the decline in sales, take the right action to fix the problem, as well as compensate for the drop, and keep yourself going if extra motivation is needed, you will be on your way to reversing any sales declines.

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