If You Can’t Help Others At Least Don’t Hurt Them

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People no longer appreciates the good deeds we do to them. Sometimes giving too much can make us feel taken advantage of. They longer respect us because they expect us to help them immediately especially in times of their needs. But why don’t they give a shit of our needs too.

Though, it is not about how much we give, but how much love we put into the act of giving. We may not have the same status in life, but we can all spare time to help others. Helping here doesn’t mean monetary values but our willingness to help. If we can’t, we can simply give our emphatic understanding and sympathy.

Give and help without expecting any return. If we give only to get something back, then, it’s better not to give anymore. But sometimes we are guilt-tripped into giving because some people use emotional blackmail just to get what they want. I just dunno why are there people in the habit of imposing too much to the point of abusing my kindness. They want me to also suffer the consequence of their foolish actions.

I don’t want to hurt especially if it already involves my family. But in doing so, I am the one hurt because I am always the one who will give up and sacrifice everything for the sake of my family. Why can’t they appreciate my worth to them. Why they want me to do all the works for them? Even in simply going to the barangay hall to have our land assessed, they cannot do it. My uncle often says that it won’t take too much of my time if I’ll be the one to go there and process what’s needed to be done. But why can’t they do it themselves?

I am really upset with my uncles. They depend too much on me that I feel abused. If I say NO, they usually accuse me of being disobedient where in fact I am the only one they can rely on but I only have one body. I cannot do all the things they want me to do. I also need to earn to support the needs of my kids which is my utmost priority. Why can’t they understand that I already have a family of my own?

I am always willing to help them. But why are they hurt when I can’t prioritize them? I love them all but they are hurting me emotionally because they are not satisfied with what I can only offer. They want to have everything from me. But I also have kids to consider.

I know the importance of helping them but they need to respect my decisions as well.