If You Want Inspirational and Motivational Lessons on Leadership Let These Three Men Teach You!

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Three men with no grand illusions about themselves, but a very clear knowledge of what their purpose and role was to be, exercised courageous and powerful and dynamic leadership at the time such leadership was required.

Over these past weeks I have been reading and studying leadership in the book of Daniel and there are lessons there which we so need to relearn today.

Here we learn of courage and strength and grace when these were so needed in that nation.

Do read the whole scenario in Daniel Chapter 3 and learn some of the rather poignant and relevant lessons. Let this motivate and inspire you in every area of ​​your life.

This whole battle in Babylon, modern day Iraq, appeared to be focused on three persons and these three men were Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego.

Sometimes we sing "frail children of dust and feeble as frail" – well they were just like you and me. They were not all that different except that they were strong in God and they had strength of faith.

We have Jesus Christ and the power of the Holy Spirit.

They were being challenged to change and modify their beliefs and cooperate and compromise. Do we not face these situations and scenarios today when it comes to leadership and spirituality and inspiration and motivation?

What if they broke at this critical hour, and what if their nerve collapsed! What if their faith had caved in?

These three men were not complacent.

We know today as they did that wrestle not against flesh and blood. We wrestle against far subtler unseen forces.

The material secular world can do a lot, with its technology and travel and advances in medicine, but what happens when it begins to deny Almighty God, and threats free and justice.

Who am I to bear the name of Jesus Christ before the world?

Who am I to be an advertisement for what the power of God can do?

Such thoughts did not enter the heads of these three men.

They were not complacent and they were not despairing.

Verses 16 to 18 of Daniel Chapter 3 show us and teach us and inspire us as they are called upon to be politically correct and cooperate and compromise and be tolerant!

They defied Nebuchadnezzar and the image and the furnace.

It was not a major protest. They just ignored the ninety foot demonic image which had been identified. Ah, but someone had cliped. Someone ran and told. Someone had informed on these three young men. Does that not often happen today?

There is an enemy who is against the people of Almighty God.

There is an enemy who is out to steal and destroy and kill.

They speak about how our God what we serve is able to deliver us but even if God does not deliver us, we will not serve your gods or worship the image, and they did all this with such graciousness and amazing grace.

Is this not a prophet picture of the coming of Jesus Christ. This of these elements in the life and ministry of Jesus Christ when there was no room – King Herod – then the temptation in the wilderness to bow down. There were the Pharisees and Caiaphas and Pilate and the seven times heated furnace of the Cross, and Jesus Christ emerges from the dead, the conqueror and the over comer.

The spiritual parallel is quite astonishing!

My Father can deliver me, but if I have to drink this cup I will drink it.

If the fiery furnace of Golgotha ​​awaits me I will not compromise.

These three men could not despairs of the world. They knew the Providence of God. God provides. God had provided and almighty God will provide.

How could they despairs of the church of that day? They knew how to deal with sin in its various aspects.

They knew God had called Israel and they knew the prophecy of Jeremiah that the people of Israel would not be obeyed but would return to Jerusalem, and they did.