Importance Of Being A Team Player

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When you are a team player, you have the ability to work as one in an organization, to execute work assignments and to accomplish goals, the whole company benefits as a result. However, management should be the first to foster a team spirit in the workplace, particularly within their departments to create harmony and unity.

Managers should aim to establish and maintain a team environment that includes everyone. Management should take full responsibility in making sure that each worker is properly trained for his/her job and emphasize that all work as a team to ensure that the work assignments are effectively completed even in cases of staff shortages. When employees are treated fairly, given meaningful work assignments, and know what is expected of them, they will more than likely perform competently and help their teammates meet job expectations as well.

When employees learn to become good team players, it will definitely increase job satisfaction. Happy employees are more apt to deliver quality output and demonstrate loyalty to their co-workers and to the company. Working together as a team allows each to gain and transfer knowledge to one another. Employees can use acquired knowledge to help achieve organizational success. Workers tend to be more cooperative with one another and productivity is enhanced when their morale is high.

When employees are also Involved in the decision-making process, it will help produce good team players and cooperation among the workers. When employees are allowed to make suggestions and give their input concerning their job, it strengthens the overall team spirit. Employees can bring their creative minds together to complete task and to solve problems more effectively and efficiently.

These individuals oftentimes have excellent interpersonal skills and are usually very successful in their careers. They are good leaders as well. Team players harvest other benefits such as, promotions, salary increases, and recognition rewards.

But in my case, I am left unappreciated despite my efforts. I invested too much of my time and effort in the organization that I am connected with but to no avail. Some of the people I work with are insensitive that they do not know how others feel. They don’t realize my worth. It hurts but life must go on. There are really people who do not know how to be grateful and thankful for having someone in their group who can do almost anything and everything under the sun.

People like me is rare. Hope you won’t regret my absence.