Increase Sales by Motivating Your Sales Team

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It’;s no secret that in a multilevel marketing business you can increase your monthly income by recruiting a group of motivated business associates who also sell the company’;s products and services. Since you generally get a percentage of their monthly sales the size of your paycheck will grow as they increase sales in their businesses.

But it’;s also no secret that stimulating your downline to increase sales can be like trying to convince someone to have their wisdom teeth filled without using Novocain. Many people who join a network marketing opportunity do not have a background in business or sales. So they may not realize that it takes time and effort to build a profitable home based business and may slack off after a few short months.

Your job, as their upline, is to keep them motivated and on track towards success. Here are a few tips for motivating your sales team so that they increase sales and help both you and them achieve the highest level of income possible.

Evaluate Individual Strengths

Every person has their strengths and weaknesses. Some people are very personable and can chat up anyone and everyone they meet. However, they may not be able to close a sale if their life depended on it. Other people are fantastic marketers but their customer service skills could use a little work. Take time to help them build on their strengths and overcome their weaknesses.

Sales Training

Speaking of overcoming weaknesses, providing your group with regular sales training is a great way to motivate them to go for the gold. Not only will the training give them the skills they need to be effective in their business, it will also boost their confidence in themselves and the program.

Goal Setting

Goal setting is a powerful tool because it gives your team member something tangible to work towards. Telling someone to increase sales is not as effective as telling them to increase sales by 50%. Start with a goal that forces them to stretch themselves just a little bit. For example, if they have been averaging $ 100 in sales per month, then set a goal for $ 150 the next month. This prevails them from feeling overwhelmed but at the same time confident that they can hit the mark.

Personalized Motivation

Not everyone is motivated by money. Personal freedom, concern for family welfare, and recognition of a job well done are other things that drive people to pursue and achieve goals. If you want to motivate your team to increase sales then you will need to find out what drives them and use that to encourage them to go for the gold. The best way to find out what motivates them is to ask them.

Recognition of Achievements

People like to be appreciated for their efforts even if it is a simple thank you. Do not be afraid of taking advantage of the recognition program available in your network marketing business or coming up with one of your own. Rewarding your sales team for their efforts to increase sales will motivate them to hit the goal every time.