It's The Little Things That You Do

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"Sometimes when I consider what tremendous consequences come from little things – I am tempted to think there are no little things."

Bruce Barton (1886-1967) American writer, congressman

Having a delightful lunch with a psychotherapist friend the other day, the conversation turned to how, for many of us, life is experienced in our heads, rather than fully felt in our bodies. What we meant was that a lot of us are living in a kind of bubble, with MP3 players, mobile phones etc disconnecting us from so many things around us. Our brains are bombarded with so much information from every corner, and in recognition, so much is missed. Especially the little things. Not only do we overlook the little things around us, but we also forget or avoid doing the little things that will make our lives so much more pleasurable and worthwhile. And in reverse, sometimes we are so caught up with the trivial things that clutter up our daily lives, that we do not see the opportunities that come our way!

How do you make use of your time? Just by becoming aware of how you are spending your time and whether you are missing the lovely little things or wasting your efforts on the unimportant, you can choose to make changes and optimize the positive and minimize the negative little things! Make the little things that you do count …………

Doing the little things well often means that you can do the bigger things well too. What little things can you do well today and each day to set you up for success? However, do not get so tied up in the minutiae of daily life and miss the small opportunities that present themselves to us on a daily basis. By dealing with those small tasks that you’;ve been putting off, you’;ll also be clear the way for things that you really want to do, that will contribute, not only to your sense of achievement, but also to your future success.

Do not allow yourself to fret and worry about the little things. What are you able to do today? Do it. Then tomorrow, do the same. As long as you are doing something, and doing it to the best of your ability, you will be able to feel good about yourself. What small reward can you give yourself for carrying out those little tasks? I’;m sure you’;ll think of something!

The positive effects of physical activity are cumulative. Little and often adds up to a lot! Another thing to be aware of are the feelings in your body as you do something active, not just the thoughts whizzing about in your head! When stretching, how do your muscles feel? When walking, be aware of how your foot falls and then pushes off again. What else is going on? How are you breathing? Become aware of your whole body.

The power of little things can so constructive, but the reverse is also true. Think of the dripping tap, the squeaking hinge that makes you win every time you hear it. Take ownership of your little things or deal with them accordingly – ditch, dump or delegate!

One of the delights of little things lies in the fact that they usually do not take up too much time or space. What new little thing can you bring into your life each and every day? How about something creative? Creative pursuits do not have to involve grand gestures every time. How can you express your creativity in some small way this week?

The little things that give us the most pleasure are often those things that are so easy to miss, such as a sunrise, or sunset, the formation of clouds, the smell of the earth after a much-needed rain shower, a smile, a sympathetic look or even a quite word of support. Take care to notice and also think of what little things you can do to make other’;s lives so much more delightful. Remember, it’;s the little things that you do …………….. that add up to such a lot.