Kim Lyon's Your Body Your Life – A New Fitness Book That is Encouraging and Informative

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For weight watchers and weight losers, here is a book that you can not just ignore; "Your Body Your Life" contains all that you need to know and even much more about your desire to lose weight and to keep a slim figure.

This is authored by Kim Lyons, internationally known as an American athlete, personal trainer, nutritionist, fitness model, and recently, the host of the TV show, The Biggest Loser. Her expertise in these fields makes her an authority on issuing successful techniques on how to shed those unwanted pounds.

Her technique is a rigid, but compassionate approach to alter your body, not just from the physical angle, but also from its emotional, mental, and behavioral aspects . Her program covers a period of 12 weeks, which challenges your physical, emotional, and mental fitness to the optimum.

Her 12-Week Program illustrated the proper blending of rigorous exercises, proper regimen of diet and nutrition, and the psychological and motivational factors. She identified and explained how the psychological and physical can become hindrances to a successful weight loss program.

Some interesting chapters even discussed how to exercise outside even in cold weather and the correct way of watching your calories when you take alcohol. As a weight watcher, herself, Miss Lyons is knowledgeable on the nitty-gritty sides of your battle against the bulge.

Here is a preview of the program’;s contents:

Part I – All About You: your gear, your body, from the outside you, your mind, your goals, your journals and your fitness;
Part II – Your Workout: understand it, plan it, work it and injury prevention;
Part III – Your Nutrition: the bad fad, back to basics, beyond the basics, the deal with meals, grocery shopping, meal planning and Kim’;s recipes;
Part IV – Your Future: re-assessment and re-evaluation, glitches and gains, maintaining and motivation.

Presented in a clear and straightforward manner, it features friendly illustrations and found at the end of each chapter are homework and various exercises that test your ability to internalize the lessons.