Message From the Universe: Daily Inspirational Quote

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"It’;s always been my intention that one day you’;ve inherited the earth, have dominion over all things, and thoroughly" kick butt. "

How does today sound?

Think of it,
The Universe "

Your positive thoughts will become positive things, which also includes positive action plan with belief that you do deserve it all. You can think all you want, even if all your thoughts are primarily positive, but if you do not believe that you deserve these great things to happen, you will even things out, hence, nothing will happen and you will confirm your belief of neutrality . The Universe is a mathematical equation that deserves to be handle using equilibrium on both side of the scale. If you think positive, believe positive. You can not allow conflicting ideas entering your mind which when faith is not in sync with your thoughts, nothing really good will happen. Positive thoughts in themselves are very powerful, but they are not the only parameters needed to live a productive and healthy life. Everything needs to be aligned properly for things to happen the way you expect.

Your subconscious mind is a very powerful tool that can control more than what is happening in your direct environment. It is, I admit, difficult to BELIEVE that your mind can control what happens in the Universe. With the billions of galaxies, with billions of stars and planet within these galaxies, and the multiverse theory which allows parallel universe to exist, it can be difficult to fathom that your mind can control how things can happen to benefit your life. Never underestimate your power because that belief will destroy any potential you may have to change the world around you. Remember, you need to focus first on yourself, changing your world from within and once you have mastered that skill, you can go and help the Universe fulfill your dreams of wealth, health and happiness.