Motivation Case Study of a Nine to Five Job

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It is incredible how much one encounter can change your life. The situation I am talking about is a teacher, John, who day job is not the point of issue, but rather, his hobby. Everyone needs to have some personal interest or hobby. For some people it is just a necessary diversion or outlet, for others it ends up becoming their career. John’;s hobby was photography, and it had already extended to printing his own photos and enlarging and framing them. This had already cost him a bit in equipment, but it is a commercial world. Luckily, he was starting to recoup some money from doing weddings and an occasional commercial job. Still, he was starting to get bored, it was the creative side of him craving for more.

This is where people often fail to realize their own untapped potential, and use it to keep themselves motivated in life, and maybe onto a special venture. Your nine to five job can be fine, but there are many ways to make it more enjoyable, as long as you communicate, but that is another story.

One day John went to his favorite book shop and purchased a book with over a hundred creative ideas for photography. Well this book ended up costing him a few thousand more in equipment, but also thousands more in income. What an encounter, just one book giving him so much information, which was reliable, because it was published by a large photographic corporation. John went from printing photos on T shirts, to getting his scenery photos printed onto thousands of placemats, for a souvenir wholesaler.

His contact with more people, was the other part John enjoyed. He started to take photos of different sporting events, and had no problem getting orders he had captured of individual sports people. Then a lady across the road, one day suggested he try photo party plans. This led him into meeting even more people, and it was all to do with photos, so he was always happy. By this time he had already given up his day job, as he was really busy and surviving fine in the photography field.

At one stage a few years earlier, he was wise enough to do a three month short course in film production. So he also had a basic knowledge of how to film movies. This came in handy for weddings and some more commercial jobs. He scored a contract to make a hundred thousand dollar film for the Education Department, to produce a half hour movie about talented children. It was even screened on TV

So having a passion for something you enjoy doing should never be ignored, because it can be an ongoing motivation in life. You will always find more people with similar interests. Any time you feel you have lost motivation, think of something you enjoy and look for that special encounter. It could be a book, person, or an idea you pick up along the way. Then follow that path to more adventures you had not even dreamed of. Life can be as fulfilling as you choose it to be. You can be an admirer of success, or a creator of success, it is all in your hands.