Motivation in a Tough Economy

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Start your day with a positive thought or affirmation ie "To win, you have to visualize a victory". Very simply, victory requires a vision and an action to betaken!

Always try to set your goals the night before. This allows you to dream positive thoughts of a plan to accomplish them the next day. You wake up to read the tasks you intend to accomplish that day and low and bare your mind already has a starting action plan. You are wasting precious time first thing in the morning worrying about making a plan while trying to have a relaxing breakfast. You run the risk of starting a stressful tone for the day.

Start your morning on a positive note believing something good can happen by accomplishing your tasks for the day. Expecting it to happen energizes your goals and actually gives them momentum. "What you expect to happen happens!" Always think and be positive. Surround yourself with like-minded positive people. We always seem to talk about doing positive thinking and actions, but what should we be avoiding. Lets be conscious of the negative aspects that if allowed in our mind, would be destructive. Try for one week not reading the newspaper or watching the news.

I was once told by Canada’;s ‘;first Olympic power lifter’; If it is interesting or important enough, I will hear about it ", when I asked him why he did not have a TV in his home to watch what is happening in the world. Replace newspapers and the TV with reading biographies of successful people or travel magazines. Rent funny movies.

Set aside some quiet time to dream of your desires. Think how they would be rewarding to you and your family’;s life. Dream Big! What you think, you can achieve.