Motivation Keys – The 6 Universal Laws of Getting And Staying Motivated

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Getting motivated and staying motivated is the key to lasting success. Here are the 6 laws to getting and staying motivated.

FOD. Focus on Dreams. Whatever you focus on grows. If you focus on negative aspects of your goal then you will continue to get negative results. Keep your attention on your dream. Do not dread doing the tasks that are necessary for you hitting your goals. Form a habit where you automatically look at those tasks in relation to you achieving your goal. Your work habits lead to the accomplishment of your main objective, so do not let the difficulties of those task sway you away from doing them.

FTP. Forget the Past. Develop a short memory when it comes to mistakes and setbacks. Leave the past in the past. Focus instead on your future. Your future will be determined by the actions that you take today. Unfortunately, it will also be determined by the actions that you do not take. If you let mistakes put you in a state of frustration and you stop taking action because of it then you will seal your fate. You will continue experiencing more failure to the degree that you allow those memories of failure stop you.

SID. Stay Inspired Daily. Establish routines which keep you inspired. Read inspiring quotes everyday. Listen to uplifting motivational audio programs. Look at pictures of your dreams. These types of rituals will keep you excited and motivated about your goals.

TRB. Take Regular Breaks. Plan vacations or breaks. Allow for down time in which you disengage from your work. You will find that you will return energized and more motivated. Vacations have a way of clearing our minds, so allowing us to return to the tasks at hand more focused and alert.

JSG. Join a Support Group. There are several meet up groups throughout the world. There is sure to be one in your city. Join one. You will get support, inspiration and information that will keep you on track and highly motivated to keep moving forward.

INV. Ignore Negative Voices. People will tell you that you can not do what you are chasing to do. Even family and close friends will sometimes try to discourage you from trying to do great things. You can avoid hearing this negative input by spending less time with them. But when you hear your own negative voices within your head it is even harder to press forward. These voices cause you to procrastinate. Your fear of failure can hold you back. This makes it hard to get started.

Here is a simple remedy. Take action. Even if you feel fear take action anyway. The more you take action on a consistent basis the less volume those inner negative votes will have. Occasionally you will hear them less frequently.